Was the Government in on Creating the Illusion of January 6?


Talking to Julie Kelly Julie, your book is January 6th. And you're laying out some facts here. And what is your conclusion based? I mean, you've looked into this a lot. But as your conclusion, roughly what mine is, as I listen to you, that the fix was in, that people like Nancy Pelosi. I mean, this is chilling that the Speaker of the House of Representatives was in on wanting to create an incident that would give them political leverage against their enemies. Can this be happening in America? Is this possible? It is a hard reality to confront that the people in power are that evil. Are that a moral? Are that desperate for revenge against their political opponents, including millions of Americans, that they're capable of doing such a thing? And it's been a tough reality to confront through my reporting over the past year, but Eric, when I listen to these line prosecutors, what they say in charging documents, the accusations that they make against American citizens. When I listen to federal judges, berate Americans for parading in the capitol, accusing them of trying to overthrow the government, sentencing them to 30, 60, 90 days in prison, people with no criminal record just for walking in and out of the capitol for ten minutes where they thought they had been permitted. When I take in what I hear and what I read, I do believe that that is exactly what this government did on January 6th. It was months in advance. You only have to go back to some of the lockdown rallies for instance in Lansing Michigan in April of 2020 that created a lot of the same optics a lot of the same news coverage. I considered a dress rehearsal for January 6th. So this is not far fetched conspiracy theorist thinking. This

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