Report Finds 'Abuses of Discretion' in Kim Foxx Handling of Jussie Smollett Case


I've talked before about the Jussie Smollett. Case in the Jussie Smollett verdict. Well, what I haven't talked is about is the responsibility. And the abrogation of duty and the shenanigans that have been pulled by Kim flocks, who was the Cook County state attorney, the supposed prosecutor of Jesse Smollett. The good thing is that there's now a report by Dan Webb, Dan Webb is a special prosecutor who was appointed. This is the guy who prosecuted Smollett. But what he does is he goes back and he looks not just at the small lead case, but he's done a report on the behavior of the office of Kim fox, and he finds all kinds of improprieties. Let's remember, let's refresh our memory when Smollett was first busted by the cops. And they had the goods on him. They had all the evidence that was eventually presented in the trial, but nevertheless, Kim Foxx's office a dismissed the 16 count felony indictment. In fact, had no requirement that Smollett either plead guilty or accept any responsibility. They really gave Smollett no real punishment. They just gave him essentially 15 hour 15, one 5. I had over a thousand hours by the way of community service. 15 hours of community service, and then they said, listen, you paid a $10,000 bond doing a forfeit that. So Jussie Smollett was gonna get off Scot free. Now, Dan Webb looks into the behavior of Kim Fox, and he finds all kinds of violations. First of all, Kim frocks from the beginning was conspiring with a couple of other leftists, a woman named Christina Chen. By the way, this is Michelle Obama's former chief of staff, and a woman named Cheryl and I fill whose president and director counsel of the NAACP legal defense fund. So this is how the left works in concert in order in this case. They knew that Jussie Smollett was guilty, but their idea was he's promoting our narrative. You know, racism everywhere, even if you had to make it up. So they're like, how do we get this guy off? So kitten Fox, for example, had said publicly, and you really see the level of public deceit, because she publicly said that I've recused myself from the case. She said, you know, yes, I did contact Smollett sister. I was in contact with the family when I thought he was a victim. But once I realized he was a suspect that we were looking into him as the possible perpetrator, I had no contact whatsoever with the family, and Dan Webb basically says this is a flat out lie. He points out that on multiple occasions, I think he identifies at least three that Kim Fox continued to maintain contact with Jussie Smollett's sister. And this he says was an abuse of

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