Inspire Investing's Robert Netzly Is All About Biblically Responsible Investing


Now. I'm excited about my guest, Robert netley, he is the head of inspire insight. You can go to inspire insight dot com. But Robert, when I heard about you and what you're doing, I thought, this is a dream come true for me. How do we where do we start? What is the, what is the quick version of describing what it is that you have done that I want my audience to know about. Yeah, here, president will be here. The quick version is we help Christians primarily or other people with attain to biblical values, invest for the glory of God. And we look for companies that are aligned with biblical values, which means we also kick out companies that are not aligned with biblical values, doing things like manufacturing worship drugs or selling pornography or signing up on the business coalition for the equality act and things of that nature. And really paying attention to what our money is doing to turn a profit for us as well as what we're supporting with ultimately God's

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