James Carafano: There's a Reason Putin Never Tried Trump


But I also think that the aggressiveness that's occurring now is also because of the fecklessness in the Oval Office It's not just the southern border They don't think Biden's willing to do a hell of a lot And I worry I worry James what if they do cut through Ukraine and they say wow there's the Balkans over there Let's dip our toe in there What is Biden going to do I don't think he's going to do much He's now bending over backwards for the Iranians It's unbelievable to even watch this So there are actually already stirring up issues in the Balkans And the problem all right let's slow down that second They're stirring up in the Balkans Tell us what you mean by that That's a big statement Yeah so Putin has these little packets all over Europe like little landmines So he's occupied part of Moldova's occupied part of Georgia's occupied part of Ukraine And he has his fingers in the conflict in the bottom between Serbia and Kosovo and embossing a host of covina where the Russians have dramatic influence He can push any one of those buttons any time he wants And they were all strategically built for the same reason to give Putin the ability to push into and destabilize Europe whenever he saw set This is not a secret In fact Donald Trump knew this There's a reason why he sent rich grinnell into the Balkans There's a reason why he gave javelins to the Ukrainians There's a reason why he engaged with the Georgians He was and there's a reason why nothing happened in the four years on Donald Trump's watch Trump made it very clear he would not stand for this and Putin never even

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