Long-serving former Democratic U.S. congressman John Conyers dies at age 90


I champion of civil rights and a congressman for the people that's how colleagues in Michigan's political leaders are remembering Detroit's former congressman John Conyers who died at the age of ninety he spent fifty three years in the U. S. house Conyers is the longest serving African American member of Congress here's Michigan democratic congresswoman Brenda Lawrence Ancon uses one of the founding members of the black caucus among his many accomplishments and I speak on behalf of the trade the black caucus in Congress this is a really bad day and here's former Detroit mayor Dave Bing and I just saw John about three weeks ago you know hearing this not only is a travesty but it's something bad those of us who knew who have obviously did not expect me we knew he was moving up an age you know you just don't think about the end you know here we are losing another what about John who stood out for the people of what a lot of dignity congressman Conyers resigned amid style twenty seventeen investigation into sexual misconduct he denied those Asians funeral

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