NFL's Braylon Edwards tells all in new book


Our next guest had a legendary career at Michigan he was outstanding receiver in the NFL he is the author of a new book in the title really does say it all doing it my way my outspoken life as a Michigan Wolverines NFL receiver and beyond it's a pleasure to welcome to this sporting life the one and only Braylon Edwards Braylon thank you for joining us. the long time it's been a long time since we spoke at an end and as you were dressed in the book Braylon when people think about you they don't just think about your talents as a receiver they don't think about the big games that AC title games or the rose bowls they think about the controversies what you you delve into them in this book why did you want to you know dredge all that stuff up. a lot of times people get attention as they tell their story or what exactly happened so one thing come out is more so with the perception is that the time and then it becomes a story and in all the years you know and that's what it is written in stone so it was a good time for me to be able to tell all the stories and under every story from do you eyes two incidents outside my clothes will arise and people works better there were other things at at playing in those situations but I just sold you know not saying anything but the media dictate that the media the media personnel for markings dictate a on one matter and I got quiet never said anything and those things never get a chance to you know get toggle plus a lot of good things happen to you know there's a lot of philanthropic endeavors that happened a lot happier off the field have a great there are a lot of other things to talk about you know depression bullying when I was a kid so it's a heck of a store and has a lot of things that we can put out there in the book speaking with Braylon Edwards the former Pro Bowl receiver the former Michigan Wolverines star he was the third overall pick in the two thousand five NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns it only your third season in the league Braylon you at twelve hundred eighty nine receiving yards right AT receptions are your pro bowler you had some other good years notably with the jets in twenty ten almost a thousand yards receiving but you're clear didn't go the way you hoped it would go eight and and although he lasted much longer than most last in the NFL you you you were someone who is thought of as a hall of fame talent. if their injuries there are other things that went on what was it like just being caught up in that maelstrom and and not being able to get every ounce of your talents to use every ounce the weight that you would have wished our records right you know a lot of times he says spray Kato where you go online for you were you drafted what can you play for I was not at the Cleveland Browns and United play with injuries and uncertainties and continue with. in your world organizational changes office according to head coach ownership ID with kids go to New York Jets have young quarterback was did it for us but there wasn't a lot of. Aaron it outside there were you going to have success then I had a knee injury San Fran I rushed back to the field to get out there because your Harbaugh's how could a person on and it was the first time I hadn't been in a stable situation you know I got that right is a one year deal there was no stability there was no next year there was no gas I was going to start so when I got hurt when I was starting to try to come back try to rise back needed never was the same a play for Seattle I still feel the nails in quarters on sat I'm way way too young at their target core those that travel more time with jet and two thousand thirteen and Lincoln totally with Michael in the preseason against the Jaguars. it is it was times that I mean I I I will smite curricula definitely connect them when I was a kid the one of those guys. got drafted in the end of the first round to the coat so to the you know to a team that won the cowboys Burgoon a play yard can do more to maybe just have a consistent office right you know it is clear that I had seventeen quarterbacks and and for that reason I remember I remember all those guys no no I mean it's hard to remember all of them but I remember that there were a lot of them yeah I mean it was the with Braylon Edwards and his new book is doing it my way my it's spoken life is a Michigan Wolverine NFL receiver and beyond really before we let you go it's great catching up after all these years but you've been out in the news a little bit recently you're talking about your alma mater talk about your former coach Jim Harbaugh and and the words you've used I think are light years behind that team in Columbus Ohio a lot Ohio state and it's it's everyone's entitled to their opinion and I would never discourage anyone from sharing their opinions especially someone with the standing that you have what makes you say that the other than the fact that Michigan's lost fourteen out of fifteen to Ohio state well for them and that's a great start but United in the in the space of the conversation that was more so long live. as they have the idea of a state trooper who over the last year he started without one which says look from trestle so first we'll start a minor. by my Dennis they're gonna have a quarterback that can run quarterbacks that can pass the ball sort thank you have athletes at the wide receiver position they could take the ball and taunted him call back and have a great run again and I have great uses if you look at the changes over the last eighteen years they all have the same I didn't you know how they're able to have success in order to be a national championship game you have to have the formula is you need a defense that can play and win games defense bill instead but you have to have a quarterback yeah arguably in highland conversation that definitely should be first team all conference and you have to have a running back that is potentially a second round us or in the hive in conversation apply when you look at certain things all have stayed in one of when you watch them play you see a team that you know has the potential to be there at the end of the year we watch Oklahoma we watch the cleanse Alabama Georgia where you are these things you see something bad okay this is this is even ten straight year with a Honda fit yet so you know that we watch miss again you have the same question each year by year who's going to be the quarterback who's going to run the ball on this game hasn't had that yeah all dirt like Lansing Michigan office is that lived in our rabbit I do not around and finished in two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen and before that you know who the other guy you know was listening at the wide receiver play make would like this guy's just it is with the the creme de la creme like he's the one I don't mean to talk about my is usually does our ideas right. nineteen ninety six so what's being said ideas on that that was going to take forty Janes national I mean by light years behind my house they get sick and they stay true lies we've been asking the same question of Michigan there's love the arms of our book let's go the radio because the rates right every year who's the quarterback the quarterback gonna be who's going to be an issue I can always between three guys it's never a guy would never moving the next season of their lives guys come back we're gonna build around him even this year's like say that is in that wires yeah this is what I said okay last year but even if your life is your McAfee gonna be you guys Joe Miller even twenty years ago when one of those guys was named Tom Brady couldn't get the job exactly or did you incident Brady is it US got left cooking the bouldering so it's always a question about the way I received right I have you so those are questions at the major institutions that away those are not the question so I did and that's what I mean by light years I know people eight years I would say in the way. that's what I mean the identity has not been there it's it's tough love for Braylon Edwards for his beloved Wolverines his new book is doing it my way my outspoken life and it is still outspokenness Michigan Wolverine NFL receiver and beyond Braylon as I said it's a pleasure catching up with you and congratulations with the book and a good luck with us on as many as possible so I like to tell the others to come on the show. thank you maybe I will we'll catch up with the recap in a round thanksgiving before those they I would love to do

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