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Witting Andrea plan well. I have beaten a little game called untitled goose game which I love. It's my goaty. It's it's not like but it might be. I'll go is your goose of the year. I love this game. I mostly want to talk about so how this game forced me to overcome this hurdle that I have in games where I have a lot of trouble playing as a bad person which I think is fairly common like if if you like being a jerk and mass effect I could never bring myself to choose the truly cruel or renegade options or dragon age or whatever where you can be kind of a jerk there many games where you play as essentially a terrorist but you think of yourself as the good guy like bioshock if you will or other games of that nature that's fine with me for some reason but untitled goose game is a game that is you're really just ruining people's days for the sake of ruining in their days and it's extremely small stakes day ruining but it's still assertain head space that you have to get in. You're like well. I guess I'm just going to play this game same as a goose who is addict everyone so I guess I should explain what this game is not is but that is entitled the titled Untitled Goose Game is so you play goose in a small town in the UK. I don't know if the from there so it feels kind of like the Australian developer very guys. Forgive me. I can't recognize anyone's accent feels like caricatured of an English rush yeah three side town though like smaller somewhere and there's just little cute cottage houses just a few people who live in this town and you play as a goose who walks or swims around the streams in the town just wreaking havoc and so there's not really a plot brought in each area you have to do list which I guess you've created as goose which in and of itself is hilarious. The items on the to do list are just various ways that you can be obnoxious so like in the first area you come across his garden where there's like a gardener whose you know ducking out his yard yard and probably sells the fruits and vegetables that he's growing and so you're basically just ruining this man small business by like stealing food from his garden garden and like putting it in another location for the to do list item. That's like have a picnic and you have to like collect certain items from his garden steal them and put them on a picnic blanket. That's like someone else's picnic blanket somewhere the to do list items are like a puzzle right. There are a couple in their one is made him put on his son hat yeah and it isn't as explicit as says hat. I mean obviously you have to steal hat and you have to hide the hat from him so that he doesn't just put it back on and then and he like irritatedly will walk back over to his son hat. I don't know I I don't remember who tweeted this but like somebody tweeted like a shot of Bradley Cooper in American sniper like doc aiming his gun and just captioned it like trying to get the gardener to put on his which is the extent of the machinations that you have to do in this game where you're like okay they like. He's GonNa figure out where I am with the hat so I need to like distract him by like ruining a lot of stuff over on this side of the garden that then he'll be so busy doing that that he won't notice this that I'm ruining this other stuff over here or like he'll trip over this on his way to like run towards me while I have his hat so I'll actually curious tricky for for me. I got undertake the hat because there's a flower that if you there's this one's Hula and if you take the tulip and then drop it like he'll get really mad and then planet and there's a whole long animation while he's planting it and if you steal his hat while he's doing that he keeps planting it so you can get away from him because it's interesting when you steal something they can run a little bit faster than you. Yes yes so you can't quite get away. There's a whole ridiculous chase sequence while the goose flaps its wings and runs but they always do catch you can't run up and grab something and try to get away like no you can't because

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