Elizabeth Warren faces attacks in Democratic debate


Last night there were about forty seven no I think it was down to a dozen we've we've whittled down the debate field now that we have last of the fourth democratic presidential debate and one of the interesting things for those of you who didn't watch it in the first couple everybody went after Joe Biden it seemed this time the candidates were all going after Elizabeth Warren which might suggest that some of the momentum has shifted just a bit let's see Elizabeth Warren does she had to defend a lot I think she held around honestly I think that the judge did a pretty good job I think told C. Gabbard is still an interesting character I don't really know what to make of her better Rourke I thought did a better job than he's done in past debates but I think it might be time for him to consider some some other avenues overall though I am not sure people are still engaged because we had said earlier as the first couple debates unfurled we said more people start paying attention as it gets closer towards the end of the year but actually the number of people watching dropped from about twenty seven million to fourteen million overall who did you think did well and who did you think needed some help Charlie who do you think won't be back on the stage for the next time they don't you're probably right about Beto and town Stiers as name I don't think running a lot of ads on morning TV yeah well he's he's a billionaire as they point out he was the only billion are up there and they they went after billionaires last night they did go after Elizabeth Warren now Cory Booker said that the you know Hey we all got to unify we can't getting up you know what he was wrong I mean they're all issue oriented they weren't delivering ad hominem attacks to Elizabeth Warren I mean compared to Republican debates the likes of which we saw in two thousand sixteen this was mild in comparison and I thought they brought up a good point you know she's a good talk about expanding Medicare okay and Medicare for all health insurance but she refused to answer if she would increase taxes on the middle class and you know three times she said will cost will not go up so I I think she's saying your taxes will go up but you'll still save money because your deductibles or co pays your premiums will be lower but you know that's what one thing a lot of people don't like about Washington where you can't answer the question directly do you want a tax increase and I think that that's going to come back to bite or at some point yeah I think what hurts the Democrats is not necessarily the number of candidates but just the candidates themselves if I'm if I'm Donald Trump yeah stop talking about Syria or Turkey I would just do one tweet and that is watch the democratic debates because my take away was how incredibly far left the democratic candidates are I mean you have told C. Gabbard considered a moderate because she had to go out of her way to say abortions should be safe legal and rare because the idea here is the democratic candidates one unrestricted abortions for any reason at and then there was the issue of churches and schools not losing there are skinny losing their tax exemption status is non profit if they don't accept same sex marriage now listen what you're telling churches then is that you cannot believe in marriage as outlined in the Bible that is the foundation of your faith and then of course there's the guns issue I mean if they made it very clear they want to the ultimate goal is to take away all guns and so if you are watching these democratic debates these are hands down the most far left proposals we've ever seen from the entire litany of debates again remember that tells the galleries a moderate because she thinks abortion should be safe legal and rare up to twenty weeks only seven countries in the world allow abortions after twenty weeks and then also the three countries that have more risk excuse me all the more liberal abortion laws in the US North Korea China Vietnam three communist countries in the U. S. that's what we have in common well I thought I thought Tulsi Gabbard was interesting she I think is the only one who wants a U. S. forces out of Syria I think and she seems to indicate she doesn't want United States engaging in regime change I kind of agree with that overall and I think actually mostly Democrats would too but it you know it flies in the face of Donald Trump to some extent although Elizabeth Warren said she didn't want troops out of the Middle East in general okay yeah you know in that's one thing it's it's difficult when you have twelve people up there I think you alluded this earlier you know you have let's say three hours among twelve people it's kind of difficult to figure out

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