Everything is Figureoutable


We all know that leadership is about casting a compelling vision and marshalling your resources to see it become reality letty but what happens when the path becomes less clear what happens when you appear to be swimming upstream what happens when everything that can go wrong the profound answer to that universal question when you feel stuck trapped in enabling move forward within you care so deeply about entrepreneurs speaker and writer Marie Forleo says that there is only one option figure it out this is a message that she deeply believes because it is one that she has lived and it all started with a woman named Marian so Miriam is this time rainy but a mighty woman so to paint a picture she's about five three she looks like June cleaver and she cusses like a truck driver she grew up the daughter of two alcoholic parents in the projects of Newark New Jersey at she really learned by necessity how to stretch a dollar bill around the block like five times and she made herself a promise as a little girl that went she was old enough she would find a way to create a better life and she did and that woman a museum is my mom and one of my fondest memories of my childhood was sitting around the kitchen table with my mom and cutting out coupons so she loved to teach me all the different ways that our family could save money that was really important and one of the things she taught me about was that if you save up what we're known as the proofs of purchase like the back of a cereal box or if you always purchase the same dishwashing detergent that you could save up those little proofs of purchase in the brands would send you free things they were called premiums back in the day to get maybe like some cooking utensils or recipe book and one of my uh-huh most prized possessions was this tiny little orange transistor radio it looked like an orange and it had a red white straw sticking out of the top and it was from Tropicana orange juice and she got it for free this thing was her favorite thing on the planet so my mom is the kind of person who's like always he always doing something and as a kid. I knew the way to find my mom's somewhere around the yard or somewhere around the house was listening for the tinny little sound of that Tropicana Orange Radio in Alex remember one day coming home from school and I heard the radio off in the distance and as it got closer the sound was coming up from above which was a strange orientation and they looked up and I see my tiny mom perched precariously on the roof of our two story house they like as hit your mom I was like what are you doing on a roof argue okay my mom is such a unique character she yells down silver she's like I'm fine don't worry about it the roof adult league in it I called the Roofer he said it would be at least five hundred bucks I said screw that I looked in the rush there was extra asphalt and I said I'll fix it so another day I'm coming home from school and I go in the house and I hear the little radio coming from the back of the House and I listen I followed it and I pushed open the door and as the bathroom in there my mom was sitting in the bathroom there was like dust particles coming down despite sticking out of the wall it looked like there had been an explosion in there and I was like mom are you ok would he doing and she's no I'm fine don't worry about it she said there is you know so cracks in the tile and I didn't want the bathroom to get moldy so I'm retiring the bathroom and unlike just confused and Alex you have to get this the nineteen eighties this is pre enter net pre youtube so she was watching how to videos on how to do this stuff that's exactly right so again this is like an different time in a different era so I always knew I could find my mom by listening down that radio and one day it was the fall time and I was coming home from school the daylight savings had passed dr cows creepy already but when I got up to me house it was quiet like hindrup quiet which is very strange for an Italian American household house was dark I go inside I hear nothing I feel pit in my stomach the one that you get when you just know something is wrong thinking where is my mom and where's the sound of the radio so tiptoeing through the House night here's some clicks and clocks coming from the kitchen I walk over there and I see my mom hunched over our kitchen table the little light on it looked like an operating room in front of her was her beloved little Tropicana Orange in like fifteen pieces she had a screwdriver and electrical tape and I was like all my goodness mom are you okay what's on that your favorite radio she's like already don't worry about it she's like you know the antenna was a little twisted and the dial was off. I'm just fixing it and Alex's the first time that I ever thought to ask I said hey mom how do you know how to do so many different things that you've never done before but nobody's showing you how to do it and she put down her screwdriver over and she cocked her head to the side and she looked and she's like what are you talking about this isn't that big of a deal nothing in life is that complicated if he just set your mind to what you roll up your sleeves you get in can you do it everything is figure out ball now Alex truth be told I don't know if those were her words that's what my childhood ears her written but that's what was absorbed in me and it was like my DNA got shifted on a different level and ever since that moment that little freeze everything is figure audible has been the single most powerful driving force in my life from helping me get out of a toxic relationship when I was very a young who's in abusive relationship helping me get every single job I've ever had since I was nine years old helping me get into college to get work studies to help pay for school you know any job I've had since then getting myself out of debt building a company every single thing that is valuable and meaningful in my life this phrase as has been the driving force underneath it more than that anyone I've had the opportunity to share this little simple idea with has then been able to adopt it and cry AH really powerful changes in their life and so that's why I'm really excited to get it out to our people's hands no kidding you hear the stories about your mom and then you hear that phrase everything is figure out and it's almost like your heart jumps a little bit because you hear that and you're like that's what it should be that is right it's so inspiring what do you think it is about that mindset that just has the ability to light people on fire we'll I think because it reminds them and US of something that we all know deep down but sometimes we forget and that's that each of us are born creators we were given this gift ability to change our thinking to change our minds to take ideas almost from the ether and make them reality I mean Alex the rain now everyone even listening to this show you know at one point in time podcast didn't exist right the Internet didn't exist looking around like I'm sitting on a chair looking at light bulbs I'm in a building in New York City someone had to imagine all of these things into being and then do the work that was necessary to change reality so that's the power that all of us have I think that our educational system just doesn't do a good job teaching us at enough age that we all do have this power and we can use our minds and our hearts and our desires to not only shift our own reality but to create meaningful change in the world that's powerful and it seems like the ramifications of this everything is figure out -able mindset. I mean that certainly obviously it affects the entrepreneur but I think it can affect Act the artists the athlete the person that works in a massive corporation organisation it seems like it transcends just the entrepreneur it absolutely does enemy if we think about some of the most transformative shifts and human history you know from the art to the sciences to medicine if we go all the way back you know Roger Bannister Breaking four-minute mile very shifty sports history and created a new reality for so many people that followed after if you think about John F. Kennedy saying we're GONNA put a person on the moon on and all of a sudden like whoa maybe not and then ten years later that happened if you think about women's suffrage if you think about the civil rights movement like you can just go down the line medical breakthroughs it always takes someone who has spirit of the idea that everything is figuring audible to then reach out into the future to stake a claim and bring all of us along with them and so to your point you know it doesn't matter if you're working in an organization your apparent your community organizer You're an entrepreneur your teachers her student we all have this innate wisdom in us we all have this innate power in this creativity and my job with this book is just to remind people of the gifts that they already have just to remind them to kind of amplify an awaken with they already have inside them a love it used the word awaken because it seems like okay once we possess that idea like Maria sold me everything is figure out I'm on board with Mariam let's do

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