Full Trump Impeachment Transcripts Released For First Time


And we begin with breaking news today the congressional impeachment probe is going public for the first time here is the scene in Washington is house. Investigators are releasing the first transcripts from their high stakes impeachment interviews showing the world what some witnesses witnesses testified about president trump's Ukraine cream clot you're looking at of course that House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff he was stepping out to the cameras here to recount damning testimony from the former ambassador to Ukraine and banned from Mike Pompeo's deputy at the State Department as one of the first witnesses to this irregular backchannel that the president establish with Rudy Giuliani the degree to which the apparatus of the State Department itself was being used to seek political information for a political local purpose by the President United States tomorrow we are scheduled to release the transcripts of Ambassador Volker earn a Bachelor Sunland and we will continue to release the transcripts in an orderly way Democrats say this orderly release ace of calls and transcripts and everything they have that is supporting the evidence will ultimately deal with the Republicans bluff and what they say are basically bad faith complaints about this probe and processed thus far democrats say that everyone will then see the same interviews the same allegations the same corroboration of trump Giuliani plot it's so concerned career diplomats army officers and other nonpartisan veterans now I'm going to go through right now just a few of the high points. Today's release provides four hundred seventy three pages of of new testimony and it paints a rebuttal to the emerging argument at trump's Ukraine mistake or plot with some sort of simple phone call or just an uncompleted request that's part of the defense that trump allies have lined up but here you have impeachment witnesses like a former ambassador saying Donald trump threatened her for her objections to that infamous July phone call recounting she was shocked and surprise trump would speak about me or any ambassador in that way to a foreign counterpart the point there is that this diplomat was concerned trump was acting more in concert with foreign interests in this shadow agenda then the State Department she details this by going on and showing how a now famous trump loyalist Mr Gordon Sunlen advisor to address these internal attacks on her by going political saying quote you need to go big or go home tweet out there that you support the president and then all these are lives and everything else well that is improper advice career diplomats do not go oh big on public political endorsements anymore than military leaders do both categories of service members steer clear of for example both parties political conventions engines that's just to avoid any perception that currently serving officials at the Pentagon or state are just political partisans then tonight we can also report report on new testimony about the intersection of this shadow foreign policy plot and the president's shadow communications arm because a Fox News anchor who shared a lawyer with the president whose name arose in the Mueller probe is back in the new transcript out tonight this ambassador details how Sean Hannity's attacks on her and his alleged support of aspects of Ukraine plot made it at the highest levels of the State Department where some officials called Hannity seeking any evidence to support basically these red hot allegations against her the testimony stating that these officials asked basically Fox News. Hey what's going on do you have any proof of these kinds of allegations or not and if you have proof tell me and if not stop press reporting can of course draw any kind of pushback or dialogue from the government that itself isn't automatically suspicious but impeachment investigators are probing the theory that this was part of the shadow foreign policy to hijack diplomacy for trump's reelection fox news itself as rebuked handy for for what you see on your screen his appearance at a trump rally which of course makes them look less like an independent reporter and more like trump surrogate so keep all that in mind when you go all the way back to march on Hannity's show which by the way doesn't usually delve into the names of individual ambassadors to all the different countries around the world but on that show they went in named named check this one you have a Novic and that looks especially interesting given what is coming out today that Giuliani and others were trying to oust her letter surfaced I from a senior member of Congress to Secretary Pompeo accusing the current US ambassador in Kiev a bad mouthing the trump administration we also now know that the current United States Ambassador Marie Ivanovich has bad mouth the president of the United States this woman needs to be called home to the idiots that's unhappy show that's trump's big booster lawyer Joe Digenova and that's what they were saying about the ambassador back in the spring we now know here's why I'm showing that tonight and why it came up in today's release testimony we know that wall does public attacks were occurring Fox News taking a sudden interest in a random ambassador Rudy Giuliani was pushing Ukraine plot and that's not all that Fox News Larry just saw there to Geneva who's making that case with Hannity he legally Wrigley represents the conservative writer who was pushing the same Ukraine plot so that's the context for this ambassadors testimony about what looks like a coordinated smear campaign not not only the ouster but to get a bribe out of Ukraine to help trump win reelection now the other new transcript today comes from an aide to Secretary of State Pompeo who criticized the administration for using the State Department for this quote to procure negative political information for domestic purposes and when asked about efforts to quote us the State Department apartment to dig up dirt on political opponent Kinley responds in thirty seven years in the foreign service in different parts of the globe and working on controversial issues ten years back in Washington I had never a scene that I'm joined now by former Federal Prosecutor John Flannery Hawke a former White House and State Department official administration Good evening to both of you know what is the level of significance of these of these disclosures in your view and how unusual are they given your experience to have any of this going on inside the State Department and it's fascinating in a very period reading a political thriller Type Way and it's completely out of line line with how we usually run national security and diplomacy efforts what we're really seeing is how the president and a day by day basis was effectively extorting a foreign in government to be able to advance his own political interests renal damage was a was a career official who's doing her job as best as she knows how she's been trained to do and and Giuliani and his goons that are sick on her to try to make her bend to do the president's specific political bidding that's what we're seeing in the transcript I also find find very fascinating how trump's twitter account has really filtered down to the lowest and highest levels of diplomacy on the same day in which president trump trump there's accounts of how his staff was trying to do a fifteen minute delay and his twitter account suddenly the same day we see a transcript that says an ambassador has to tweet her loyalty and praise of the president is all about his own personal ego and not about the security walk us through what you're getting at there because obviously there are people people are welcome to go out and say whatever they want about great any politicians right people in public life in America the political arm the campaign arm you're saying ah we mentioned earlier in our reporting that the State Department like the Pentagon is supposed to be totally walled off from that and this is the part where we talk about country over party it's actually actually part of the service agreement that Foreign Service officers at the State Department who are the career diplomats military officers over at the Pentagon and the armed force who says they are supposed to be advancing the interests of the country and the policy there is a layer political appointees who tried to steer the ship and the direction that the president may want they're usually work together in concert and not against each other but at no point is it supposed to be praised the dear leader this is what we think it is about praising America America independent whoever holds the White House John Let's stipulate that these officials who many of them we've noted are are bipartisan experience. Say this is terrible terrible bad reform policy people might get fired over it that's all of the policy personnel side but this isn't just that level this is a higher level today these I transcript we've seen tonight ever in the impeachment probe do you see anything in here that hits the higher level of evidence of a high crime yes the thing thing that I was interested in that I didn't realize because I didn't focus at the time when Hannity referenced the Congressman He referenced Congressman Sessions from Texas You may remember that he was the target of the two associates of Rudy Giuliani to receive funds to write the letter attacking advantage so in a moment ago you were talking about kind of the the the rat's nest of how these people are all intertwined gentleman I don't think he said S. maybe I mean I was thinking when you were saying it but so what I see is a connection here and it goes back I like all compulsive lawyers here's I read at least the beginning of Ivanovich testimony and at the beginning of the Republicans who wanted to be in the room we're in the room and they did everything they could to be dilatory into the delay what was going on unsuccessfully but on top of that gave us a sense of what she was going through over there and how they were spreading word that she I was saying some people shouldn't be prosecuted which was ally and this goes back to November of eighteen and coming forward so this is a long campaign and Rudy Giuliani was in there from the beginning as we've learned from other witnesses so I think that th the pieces are here and people fairly read the transcripts all this they saying about could pro quo goes away and all we're faced with bribery and extortion and misconduct but by many more people just talk to John you're saying these transcripts alone we're not up to everyone who was on the call this isn't that part that's not the first hand account of the call the investigators investigators are saying they're releasing as they go but this part you're saying provides what part of the bribery plot well what it provides is we have to get out of the way somebody who would prevent ah rural rudy from doing when he wants to do which is to create the situation for the president to have an easy pass and the twenty twenty election having having them announcing bogus investigate only I'm only slowing you down because there's so much happening here Before I got another lawyer I'm going to bring in with you as if my first lawyer you're saying basically if the briefcase briefcase bribe is getting the Biden investigation some of these diplomats were hearing from now where people in the room who would say don't do that we don't do that and so we're seeing the part of the conspiracy tonight according to these transcripts were first those people had to be cleared out of the room then you bring in abroad yes that's and it looks like they were they were working on parallel tracks but she was always a danger because she was a straight shooter and they he didn't want a straight shooter and they wanted to be rumbling around behind the Green Curtain doing what they were doing both for apparently Rudy's own personal bank account but also oh to help the president get this dirt on Biden and that became especially true in July when he was polling better Biden with polling better in the Democratic Democratic primary opponent both these stay with me as promise I wanNA bring in another lawyer in one with tremendous experience Roberts General Counsel at the NSA senior roles at CIA and Defense Department good evening to you sir a good evening Sir I put the same question to you and without profiling you too much a part of your job is to look at this from the perspective of the Intelligence and security agencies to give you know the tie would go to them typically on your day job right give them a benign nine view of or at least a defense of what happened given your experience in that and you look at what we're seeing in these new transcripts do you see a way that this breaks towards the trump administration or does this look well over the line to me this looks well over the line as a lawyer whenever I hear about a complicated case I always try to put myself in the position of defense counsel what is it that I would argue and I don't see it here and you know the people have objected to to the quid pro quo perhaps because it's Latin a much easier good old Anglo Saxon word is bribery and it's actually mentioned in article two section the three as one of the high crimes and misdemeanors this was an attempt at bribery. Do me a favor and I'll give you four hundred million dollars in military sorry aid yeah you laid out congresswoman Speier who's on the Intelligence Committee making a similar point that you raise their the idea that we are we are looking working potentially here at the allegations of a bribe here's what she said I think that you could make a case for bribery now and I think that discussion needs to be seriously developed and considered because there was an effort to to try to get something of value from misters Alinsky the president of Ukraine Robert how important is it if the Democrats are moving towards making that case and she is on the key committee here that's releasing these transcripts to show that this was a larger plot that there was a premeditated strategy as John and I were just discussing to get anyone who might object out of the room and then

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