Oil prices drop as hopes fade for comprehensive U.S.-China trade deal


Really interesting at trade lines coming out over the weekend Bloomberg reporting from our colleagues talking about how the Chinese on narrowing expectations for trade deal just how Bruhl didn't beak and comprehensive can this trade deal possibly be now or should we limit our expectations in the other direction so the first one hundred down two tenths of a percent the countdown for tens of a percent is after that exam by three tenths U. S. features a been worsening as we've been that open here in Europe for the past hours a US features now down by half a percent for the major indexes remember the profile of Friday's trading day we saw the jobs report come out in the U. S. markets when little higher and then actually that rally continued into the clothes and so you might have expected to see a little more upside for European markets we started with a little bit of that we got some upside for European stocks but now we are at retreating and succumbing to that downside is the C. U. S. speeches pulling back we all without Hong Kong without China system at volume that we normally get at in the handover from Asia not a parent this morning oil prices actually this morning up three tenths of one percent that's off the oil retreated last week trade economic global concerns weighing on oil prices we talked a lot about big corn this morning and we not nice to gold price is actually just down the talks this morning but still about the one thousand five hundred a Troy ounce mocha no we've been talking on a monkey's like broke about comparing the two gold and bit coin and we see the yield on the U. S. any one point five one percent so we continue to see some downside moves to that yield the dollar was little strong of a dollar is up around a tenth of a percent we continue to track the brexit headlines as we see the pounds down by two tenths of one percent against the US dollar once again twenty twenty three of four is when we treat

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