Elijah Cummings, U.S. civil rights icon who led House probe of Trump, dead at 68


So we want to talk a little bit about Elijah Cummings today US civil rights icon who led a house probe of president trump is now dead at age sixty eight here are some highlights from the house floor well my mother's dying bed at nineteen years old for missing a Cropper her last words where do not let them take our votes away from us they had for it she had Fortin seen people harm beaten trying to vote your available right voting is crucial and I don't give a damn how you look at it there are efforts to stop people from voting it's not right this is not right this is a you states of America and I will fight until the data to make sure every citizen whether they have green body whether they're Freedom Party whether they're Democrat whether Republican or whatever has a right to vote wow yeah what's so powerful yeah powerful order all right sure he said something Elijah Cummings said something back in June that struck a nerve with a lot of people he said and I quote two hundred to three hundred years from now people will look back at this moment and they will last the question what did you do I may be dancing with the angels when all of this is corrected but I've got to tell you we must fight for our democracy said that back in June a reflection of the whirlwind of stuff going on right now in Washington DC house speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement in the house Alisa was our north star he was a leader of towering character and integrity who stirring voice and steadfast values push the Congress and our country to rise always to a higher purpose and boy if we don't need folks like Elijah Cummings more to date now than ever before we need strong leaders we need people with a moral compass and to those to look up to that we'll have our voting rights and the you know the folks of the citizens backs when it really comes down to it and as Shia led a I know that you shared with your children who are clearly too young to even know who Elijah Cummings is but he was a real leader for every community all Americans but specifically for you as African Americans he was a hand in my life is better because of the sacrifices that he made with his life and so this morning when we were watching CBS news this morning with Gayle king and they were talking to Ben Traub about him and they showed some of his speeches I'm I made all the branded baby sit on a watch and them a ball when they were done watching we had a young art project and Elijah Cummings our projects and we made freedom signs what what they say now what would your freedom sign say right now what would you want to say and then of course you know they had the colors face and do something fun but you know we talked about him in his life and his legacy and and the freedoms they fought for and yeah so my fridge right now I'm gonna have to have my husband take a picture and posted is littered with the memory of Elijah Cummings so beautiful and and you know show as well she's friggin mom of the year anyway with the what she does she's an incredible mother and wife but if you know you are honey you're you're an inspiration but the fact that you're sharing you know seven year olds don't don't know about a letter I have no idea where he was they don't provide is one looking today exit but but education about him and keep his name alive and making it fun so they can remember that time when Elijah Cummings pastor who he was good for you I hope schools around the country are doing the same as was going on in the front

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