Motorola brings back the Razr as a $1500 foldable smartphone

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Daily charges Thursday November Fourteenth Roger Chan and we've got special guests can young from flip board today they were talking. Motorola Marla is back in a big way with the new razor. The phone which takes design cues from the original crew six point two inch foldable little display but unlike the galaxy folder made X.. This full folds folds down into a smaller device that cost fifteen hundred dollars and in the US. It's an exclusive with Verizon Zain but you can pre-order thrown here any Europe late December with the phone actually coming out in early January. That's proud to tap into our nostalgic icons of the past asked. Can I want her to you. What was your first reaction upon seeing this I think for me in first of all? Thanks for having me really great. Join you guys here. This is actually a phone that I'm really interested to try out. I have no idea why I mean as you as you mentioned as you guys have covered. The specs aren't really like like a high end phone that you would get with an iphone or galaxy or or even with the with the galaxy fold. I think it's the nostalgia as you mentioned. It's the flip you know. This is the this is the phone that many many people have had back in a day. You know before smartphones came out it was very very popular. I think the first razor I had was when four G. was starting to roll out on. At and T.. So this is this is something that really throws me back in. And I'm really interested to see how this actually works out You you know this is. This is a factor from what you get with Samsung and alway- and everybody else Interesting to note that there's no five G. on this phone Yep it also That you know during Samsung's developer conference last month. They tease that. They were working on a foldable device so Motorola beat under the punch but of course Motorola has that has that icon that being the foot phone. So it's a pretty good pretty good deal for me absolute end. Look Ken and I both under Razer. Lord you did not those. You're actually yeah. I actually so I grew up with flip phones and I used to just go into my mom's room. Be Like Lemme. He grabbed her razors. So I can play around with it and then my classmates also had razor so I come from the generation that's like I can toss arrays. They're like anywhere we're in a field and like it'll be fine. The battery last really really long so this is actually really exciting for me just because it takes me back to being a kid and like being able to rely on my phone because I feel like now like batteries. Don't really last that long and I just feel like I'm so excited the nostalgia really creeping in right now and there was something Cathartic about being able to like. Hey up on someone right exactly and just like click in that. Say I don't have to hang up and wonder if I actually hung up the phone. So here's some Rovan Elven specs beyond the six point. Two inch internal display. There is a outside two point. Seven inch quickview screen a sixteen megapixel camera a twenty five hundred million. Yeah Barry that's actually split between the two. Has the phone six Ram One hundred twenty gigs. A storage any snapdragon. Seven hundred processor so specs are exactly top a line. There's only the really the camera there isn't like a telephoto or wide angle camera iphone. Do you think that. Can you come address this early. I mean the specs aren't on par with some of the other premiums but the price is definitely up there that you know. I think it's on par with a five hundred. Five hundred GIG iphone. Max went eleven pro. Max Axo what do you guys think is that do you think the lack of some of these high end features going to be enough to like sway people to to buy this thing go ahead you know I. Yes so I think if this was this was Samsung. If this alway everything even if this was apple yes I would probably be more inclined to pay the fifteen hundred dollars for this but the thing that is missing these are these are mid tier. This is not really this is again. This is not a premium me a phone. So Motorola doesn't have the Necessarily expertise in terms of the camera or or in terms of the. You know the software right so this this is coming with Android android nine with pie so I think if you look at what you get with the Pixel you look at what you get with the S. ten in and the note and the iphone. You're going to get a better experience. Overall is fifteen hundred dollars worth just having the flip at aspect aspect. I mean probably not I mean I I really wish it was a much lower cost of because that would actually be worth trying out but I think this is a hard hard hard

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