Diplomats reveal new details on Ukraine at first impeachment hearing


Day. One Thousand Twenty eight of the trump administration will go down as day one of the first public impeachment hearings in generation. Today's testimony featured to veterans senior diplomats called upon to lay out the case part of the overall case against the president. Today is testimony brought forth some some new revelations that tied trump closer to the Ukraine pressure campaign ambassador. George Kantha State Department's top expert on Ukraine. And William Taylor Taylor. The current acting ambassador to Ukraine appeared together before the House Intel Committee. Both our top diplomat. Who served under both Republican and democratic like presidents? I represent the third generation of my family to have chosen a career in public service in sworn the oath of office that all. US US public servants. Do in defense of our Constitution. Indeed there has been George Bent sworn to defend the constitution continuously for nearly sixty years. It has been a privilege for me to serve our country and the American people for more than fifty years starting as a cadet at West Point. Is You have mentioned Mr Chairman. That is an infantry officer for six cheers including with one hundred first Airborne Division in Vietnam than at the Department of Energy than as a member of a Senate staff then at NATO than with the State Department right here and abroad in Afghanistan Iraq Jerusalem and Ukraine much of the hearing focused on the July twenty fifth phone call in which President trump trump asked Ukraine's presidents Alinsky for investigations into the Biden and our two thousand sixteen election. The witnesses also described an effort by trump up in his deputies to leverage that country into delivering those investigations if they wanted the promise. US military aid to be used in their fight the Russians by the way it was against that backdrop that ambassador Taylor eventually revealed another pivotal conversation involving trump. That took replace July twenty six the day after the phone call in question. Taylor set a staffer of his recently told him about this conversation involving having the president and the trump donor turned ambassador to the EU. Gordon Sunland member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador ambassador. Sunland the investigations that's toll president trump the Ukrainians were ready to move forward following the call. With president trump trump. The member of my staff asked investor. Solomon what president trump thought about Ukraine. That's the song and responded that President Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden. mm-hmm which Giuliani was pressing for two sources familiar with this matter told NBC News that David Holmes currently the political counselor at the US Embassy. The in Ukraine is the staff member that Taylor was referring to there Taylor Story About Holmes earned homes and invitation at testify which he will do behind closed doors on Friday complicating matters for the Republicans and making him a less easy target. NBC NBC News. Also reports that in twenty fourteen. Mr Holmes won a State Department award for speaking out internally about the Obama Obama Administration policy in Afghanistan. Gordon Sunlen never mentioned this particular call with trump and his closed door testimony before impeachment impeachment investigators trump who spent the day hosting Turkey's president. Erta one at the White House says he was too busy to watch the hearing late today. Trump responded onto this new information however from Ambassador Taylor. I know nothing about that. First Time I've heard the one thing that I've seen that Sandelin said was that He did speak to me for a brief moment. And I said no quid pro quo under any circumstances and that's true in any event that's more second hand end information but I've never heard of conversation I don't recall no not at all. Not even a little bit intelligence committee chairman Adam. Schiff had a very different different. Take on this matter what this call indicates as other testimony has likewise indicated. Is that the instructions coming from the the president on down during the hearing Republicans Slam Taylor

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