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If I take that as a guide post two hours a month month so let's call that so let's call a podcast and our for Shaka's simplicity right and so that's twenty four podcasts Cassia my hearing that might do in this math right if I'm a senior dad too yeah two dozen two dozen and if they're six primary spokespeople in the company helped me. Here's what six twenty three about one hundred fifty so one hundred fifty different French stages and what's amazing is that I've done over twelve hundred podcast interviews and I've done from vacation. I've done from hotel rooms. You know all you really need is a computer a good Internet connection and just a a microphone that plugs into you be you know that's that's all it takes aches and I believe that you claim to be the most interviewed person on a podcast on planet earth are you not I reached out to Guinness Book the world's record to try to claim that that category and today's said that it didn't exist and they couldn't add it because verifiable things but I tried for that tonight never heard somebody say they've done more than not. I have so I'll I'll. I'll keep the claim on that. You'll keep the claim. And how many is it now Tom. I'd have to go back and look I'm well well over twelve hundred twelve hundred that's

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