Solheim Cup 2019: Europe pip USA in dramatic finale


The European Solheim Cup team beat the Americans fourteen eighteen and a half to thirteen and a half it came down to the final putt which almost never happens which is too bad because I feel like we're now do for like three decades of not very fun. Suzann Pettersen made about an eight footer to win and she promptly retired after doing so it was a fascinating day it started in Thai eight to eight matches flipped back and forth all over at Gleneagles. Five matches reached the eighteenth hole which also almost never happens. How many matches reached the eighteenth breath at the Ryder Cup last year. I think it's it's something like it's one out of five or six matches reach eighteen so this was exciting all over the board. I I mean this was back and forth there was tied going to Sunday and then it kept being tied points on Sunday. It was eleven eleven and there were six matches on the course course it looked like the US was gonNA win. Honestly my gosh at one point. Everything needed to go. Europe's way the US posted thirteen and a half points. They just needed that that last half point in could not get it yeah thirteen and a half they would retain the cup with fourteen which no one loves a tie. I Know Stina Sternberg. She is is very proudly European and she was like you know. It's not a good rule that fourteen and a tie retains the Cup for a team. It should have a playoff and I'm like like wow. It sounds like she's kind of being defeatist. She's accepting the fact that the Americans are probably going to grab that fourteenth point and win in Thai Lo and behold everything and went their way. What's crazy though is that Peterson was almost not even in position to make this thing happen. I mean she could have lost him. The seventeenth hole because Marina Alex had like a twenty foot Putt to win to end the Solheim Cup right there then she flares drive into the rough on eighteen which means that even though she's plenty long if she'd been in the ferry she got up near the green she couldn't because she was on the Ralph so she has to lay up. Marina Alex has kind of do the same name and basically it's just like a wedge off from there and she almost freaking holdout from was eighty nine yards. She almost holes out. She spins it back with a wedge and gives her about eight feet now. This is where our just on edge because on the seventeenth hole Yep Bronte law just. I don't know if she's basically she's away from everything. She's away from everyone and yet she's just as important like if she doesn't finish out. If she ends up bringing her match to eighteen and then they have the tie. It's over. That doesn't matter yeah. Everyone's doing what they had to do. The thing that had me on edge is is the fact that I ended up hoping that this would go in ooh. I'm American. This is a pro-american podcast love. That Danielle King joins US last. This week was all about it but if you're talking about an eight footer to win if it goes in to lose if it doesn't how awkward is that if she misses law wall it's it's do or die. I mean it's awkward but look we've seen plenty of that. In these team matches before you know sometimes as you miss a Putt and then that's what ends the match it would be brutal no doubt about it. At least it's an eight footer in not a three footer. It's actually kind of the perfect perfect pop writer on the distance just outside the distance of fifty fifty coin flip of Michigan make this or is she not so if she misses it's not it's not that that she's choking an eight footer for Birdie. I Miss Plenty of eight for Birdie in my day and I would miss that one. She pureed it though right in in the Senate right in the center which was great because I mean it was uphill. PUTT so it would probably be the easiest eight footer he could imagine but this is definitely a win for Mark Brody. If people appreciated that it could go in it could go out it could win for you could lose it for you but that is one of the things that we need to discuss about the Solheim Cup this Cup the Ryder Cup is always grounds for a revival of someone's narrative and Suzann Pettersen like it brought her back to the peak of the game. After a long break she had not played a lot of Gulf this year. She was given a captain's pick. She played pretty well throughout the week but who knows where she's she's. GonNa go years from now or three weeks. From now like she was very uncertain about her career and four years ago she was at the center of the game because she did concede a short putt that led to a winning match that led to a very very contentious Solheim Cup. All I'm saying is that it gave her an an opportunity and that's what these things do like it gave Martin Cameron Opportunity in Dina to win the Ryder Cup and that adds to his all fame resume this added to Suzann Pettersen Hall of fame resume. What matters here is the Gulf like that. That is what's great at. It is something that means nothing and yet it means everything well. How much does this echo also just from last year team. Europe throttled the US in the Ryder Cup yet Ian Poulter and Sergio Garcia Henrik Stenson Henry guys that didn't seem on paper like they were logical picks guys that would not end up on an American equivalent team here you've Suzann as in Pederson. Hardly played golf has controversial past what more perfect way for her to finish then to drop her putter halfway when the boss still halfway to the whole sure she was nervous but she looked plenty confident. She looked like she was trying to make the pot rather than you know the moment being too big for her or something something it was just such a cool morning because look we love Sunday early golf. You know we love that. Being the state's waking up some Gov actually had a nice little Sunday seven twenty teatime. Nice my hometown Williamstown Massachusetts finished up just before ten thirty went down down how quick sit in the in the grill and and just flipped on the Solheim Cup Danielle Kings match was just coming down the sixteenth hole and just had an ed really nice next few hours. Yes I stayed right there. How great is that. When multiple hours of golf can go by and you don't even notice because not feel like the action kept continuing. That's why these matches are so cool is because like okay. Here's another close match coming down to the wire and people were coming by you know coming coming in and out of the the grill and saying. Oh yeah what's going on in the Solheim and stopping and watching for a few minutes then going about their day but people were invested. Did you could tell you know whether it was just on social media whether it is in real life people were dialed into this tournament what I hope is that the TV ratings I agree with that. I hope that allow people watched. I had the feeling that a lot of people were watching. It cannot get more exciting what happened on TV on golf. Channel Channel could not get more exciting than what happened yesterday.

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