Trump team rips critics as 'scum' and witnesses as disloyal


The White House has happy to see the increasingly forcible Republican challenges to the impeachment inquiry but one official admits the West Wing self needs to do a much better job our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta has the latest for us Jim. The president is clearly sharpening his own rhetoric the White House is trying to rally republicans behind President Trump after days of damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry as to the president are welcoming this resolution from Senator Lindsey Graham and produce this afternoon condemning the inquiry that's other Republican leaders are backing at this moment the White House is also backing up the president's label for his Republican critics which he called human scum reeling for bombshell testimony in the Ukraine investigation the president's defenders latched onto a Senate Republican resolution condemn the impeachment inquiry accusing House Democrats have denying due process to Mr Trump. I'm not here to tell you that Donald Trump's done nothing wrong I'm not here to tell you anything other than that the way they're going about it is really dangerous for the country and we need to change four spot we can in the house president stayed behind closed doors for much of the day huddling with GOP senators including some who have raised questions about his phone call with the leader Ukraine. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham said he spoke with Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney who acknowledged the White House has to improve its message on impeachment attempt to Chief Staff Mulvaney I think they're working on getting a a messaging team together for now it's Mr Trump who's driving that Suj- giving a shoutout to house Republicans after they stormed into closed door testimony this week tweeting thank you to House Republicans for being tough smart and understanding and detail the greatest John in American history he was happy to see it happen he was very supportive of it as he should be the White House is doubling down on the president's tweets aimed at his Republican critics never-trumper republicans the president tweeted go on respirators with not many left are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our country than the do nothing Democrats Watch out for them they are Human Ski tom nothing wrong with that according to press secretary Stephanie Grisham that people who are against him and who have been against him and working against him since the day they took office are just they deserve strong language Republicans once favored closed-door inquiries when they control the House consider now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's defense of the GOP's Gazi investigation our goal was factfinding and five minutes questions by a member of Congress and then rotating to the next one is not effective way to get the facts for the American people on the trump administration's green light to Turkey's invasion of Syria Vice President Mike Pence met with House Republicans who have blasted the president's LLC MR trump offered some advice to Kurds abandoned by US forces tweeting perhaps it is time for the courage to start heading to the oil region the president Syria policy outraged key Christian conservatives in his base and I promise you I'm sitting here right now Russia is going to come gifts this White House is also taking another shot at the media clearly frustrated with the impeachment inquiry instructing federal agencies to cancel their subscriptions to the New York Times and the Washington host the move the White House says will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars even if the decision won't impact the coverage of the impeachment inquiry in Wolf back to the President's meeting with senators earlier this afternoon over here at the White House are Capitol Hill team tells us Wolf that one senator Lindsey Graham and others said that the president was lashing out at the impeachment inquiry called it unfair and those senators told the president to focus on governing the country of clearly with President is very frustrated with how things are playing out this

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