How to Think About and Lead AI Projects in Business - With Bret Greenstein of Cognizant


How and technical professionals can advance their career in the era people are worried they don't write the code they don't have a firm background in math but they wanna be compensated more they want an exciting career what is your advice your your thoughts for folks who are in that position I think the first thing to consider is that like a lot of ends or let let me back up artificial intelligence is coming it's going to be an every job in every business and every company every one of our clients on a on a journey towards offbeat eyelid business that's not going to change and I understand that he worry about what that means to them personally but when you really step back a number of people implement a I code developed models tune models feed data outlets those roles are very small there are billions begins at people doing all the other jobs and so those people need to consider this is not about learning to code it's about learning to work with and understand vacations and data into business so once you become I'll call it wear algorithm Mickley aware data where once you recognize that our business this is our lives our governments are everything is basically a giant low of data making meaning that and making better decisions is what all of us needs learn how to do not cook coatings rate that's not the point yeah so so I I'd love to dive into what that means making meaning the data you know there's so many places where the non technical expertise plays a role like you said actually building tuning constructing the models doing the the wacky hard math to innovate new models on that's that's a certain percent of the work but it's not most of it what are those other big areas what are those other big kind of clusters of kind of a I value that don't involve writing liquor coat you know how do you break those down in your mind or kind of determine him into pillars or categories or what have you I think it comes from people who recognize that one that it exists being aware that all the data that's there has value and can be applied for new insights is a new way of thinking it's people who are really very data aware and once you have that it's a bit of a wakeup then you suddenly look at problems differently I met a student recently he was working in retail store and he works looking at the camera watching people checking in and out of the store and they're looking for theft and he could continue to look at those cameras and try to catch people doing stuff and you catch a percentage of that but what he arise because he's a digital thinker is that there's a ton of other data it's useful in assessing the risk of cameras using a I came to Texas haters and motions of people who were likely you know contributing to that you can look at the data what's going on in the parking lot from a camera vision or censored or mobile data to know you know are they come to every store or do you have the same customer every store that same day it can be seen stuff there might with a pattern there so once you consider there's more data in what you see in front of you we start to look at the problem differently and you start asking new questions so this one person I talked about is asking his boss when we're kind of systems will use machines Asian and can we look at patterns and can we see what's happening under the stores suddenly asking really good questions that were Cardi B. process in in order to do that these people have to have an understanding I presume of what they I can do and also maybe even some examples of precedents of other AI use cases right he would have to know that the detection of the behavior of theft is a use case is that is valuable that is reasonable that is a accessible so there's there's sort of some contextual knowledge there right I mean if if the fellow never knew anything about it ah you might not have that idea what's that background info that somebody has to have to come up with ideas like that to think of new areas of business value to to determine those those pockets where could be applied meaningfully yep this is where awareness comes in so people more non coders but are studying business or finance or HR can't whatever whatever they're studying in school whatever the majors reminders in every profession there's an impact a that is coming in so we need people to start focus on learning about the same I was an engineer but I took psychology and philosophy classes those European I need electing cool and I learned something about plus ecology but I'm not an expert but I became aware I became aware how human motivations and behaviors shape decision making or the philosophical side heights of right and wrong and moral ethics and logic than learn from philosophies those accept applications in the technologies is that I work in now and so I think for all the consider having to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of ai how do we build it into curriculum how do we individually studied independently if you look up education Antony online almost all of it is based learning python and R. do data scientists but we need more people educating on what the implications are so we can ask more of our technical teams to bring us to that next level of really nail it business I if somebody service taking your urine by seriously here okay they can become a aware they can find those opportunities they can you know add value to the business without being the one who writes the code but being the one who may be on helps to determine new projects or helps to manage bringing new way I project to life they don't have to write the code to be the one managing a project others a lot of different ways that they could potentially be be I loved on new training transform your team we have I'll give you an example so we have a customer service being done by call center reps all over the world you know our company but every company does when I noticed recently China that they've increased this dramatically percentage of customer support during sales especially peek sale all times towards chat bots conversationally I and if you know the day is capable of doing that and you're getting a call center you should be asking yourself can we take the top eighty eighty percents of the questions the Cuban as they come in and move them to some degree of automation whether it's chat bots or or you have to know the compensation only I exists in possible doing certain things and it's not possible doing ups yes you have to have those precedents of use in your mind you have to know where it where it's being applied where it's driving value who's using it to solve what kinds of problems what kind of data is involved you have to have those contexts says and then you could say oh that might fit for us

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