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The game but that's really my only there's a lot of platforming hunter stay you'll get you'll get more use of the jump the jump takes a lot like the titan jump raid jumping puzzles I've done I mean I've played whatever thousands of hours of density like they're so oreos where you're like oh my fucking God and your guys like Korean league just off the edge of the thing the land on the worst is when all your group is like made the jump and it's just waiting for you yeah and you're just like cursing into your microphone Mary you know it's funny just won the to put a pin in the Laura stuff I think that I have I kind of have appreciated the lore outside of the game as well even though clearly listening to me talk about it I'm like no way too much about this and I'm like learner dozens of hours I mean absorbed a lot of information about it even I don't want to and you just wait and actually in the process of writing lose Lawrence Win and watch that guy my name is by WHO's like I'm sure people have told you about this four hour Laura video that he made the go you know

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