The Photographer and the Busboy



Of June fourth nine thousand nine hundred sixty eight Los Angeles Times photographer. Boris Yaro was relaxing at home after a long day at work. It was presidential. Oh Primary Day in California the kind of stuff journalists live for turning on the TV news. Yaro heard that Robert The F. Kennedy was about to win the primary and celebrate at the Ambassador Hotel Euro admired Kennedy and he really wanted a picture picture of him for his Living Room Wall and the Ambassador Hotel wasn't that far away so Yaro figured what the Heck I'll go over. He wound up taking one of history's most unforgettable images with his press pass and camera hanging around his neck. Yaro was able to get close to Kennedy as he finished his victory speech and walked away to shake hands. That's one of the man named Sirhan Sirhan walked up and begin firing at Kennedy's Senator Senator Kennedy call by Senator Kennedy has been shot. Yaro was right there. He described the moment for the story story core podcast earlier this year saying the crowd separated like Moses parting the Red Sea and Kennedy was putting his hands up like a boxer trying trying to avoid getting hit bobby. I saw him slumped to the ground. His legs were splayed toward me and I saw the blood dripping out of his ear ear then you are shot the photo that haunts history Kennedy his legs limp staring blankly into nowhere with the young busboy crouched beside him propping up his head with stunned helpless look on his face that busboy Juan Romero died earlier this month from a heart attack at age sixty eight though in truth his heart broke that night as Kennedy lay dying in his hands like so many others in the late sixties Romero a seventeen year old Mexican can immigrant said he saw Kennedy as a uniting inspiring figure in a time of great tunnel just the day before Romero delivered room service service to Kennedy. He told story core about it. Describing how Kennedy was on the phone when he walked in you could tell when he was looking at you that that he's not looking through you. Romero said he's taking you into account and I remember walking out of there like I was ten feet tall after snapping the photo Yaro raced to a phone so he could alert his editor. He was ordered to the newsroom room immediately while he told reporters what he saw. Someone else rushed to develop the film euro cried and he saw the a photo for the rest of their lives both men the photographer in the busboy were traumatized by the moment that year nineteen in sixty eight was chaotic and deadly riots assassinations. The country were seemingly coming apart and euros photo. Ah a photo he came. Kate was living proof. He said Bobby Kennedy was going to be the knight in shining armor and he didn't get get a chance. The psychological damage was worse for Romero. Just before the shooting Romero offered offered his hand to Kennedy for congratulatory handshake among the hundreds of letters he received were ones blaming him for for Kennedy's death. He recalled the letter saying if he hadn't stopped to shake your hand. The Senator Would Have Been Alive Romero moved moved to Wyoming to start a new life still he couldn't escape that moment cried a lot he felt guilty and and in two thousand ten Romero traveled to Arlington National Cemetery to visit Kennedy's gravesite to apologize in person he had never owned a suit so he bought one for the occasion getting dressed up showing Kennedy respect saying he was sorry all of it brought back the way he felt when he first laid eyes on Kennedy while serving Him Room Service. You felt important. He felt American. He felt

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