'South Park' Episode Mocks Hollywood for Shaping Stories to Please China

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Comedy central South Park is no stranger to controversy over the shows almost three hundred episodes creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have taken on everything from scientology to the war in Iraq now the show has a new critic China the latest South Park episode titled Banned in China Takes on among other things how Hollywood panders to the massive sneeze entertainment market here's a cut from the episode that gets right to the point I can't do it anymore you guys I can't even think the Chinese government censoring everything I write no there's not going to be a bio pic movie for us it's so wrong you know I mean we live in a time where the only movies that it's American kids go see are ones that are approved by China yeah like China's the new MPAA Ryan Parker wrote about the controversy for the Hollywood reporter and he tells me how the Chinese government has reacted so far from everything that we can he from our correspondent it looks like South Park has been pretty much banned in the country and all references to sell park had been scrubbed from any online sites basically from everything we know if you search for South Park your not going to get any information and apparently all the streaming services have also seized is carrying any of the episodes in any of the clip so it's almost as though South Park all of a sudden doesn't exist I wanNA play a little cut from the episode here this is a scene in which may have caught the eye of some Chinese censors in this bit a very angry Mickey Mouse who might also be Disney head Bob Iger is chastising in a room full of Disney and marvel characters decided to go and start Chinese and I just say anything critical of Chinese politics will it is true so the Chinese seem to exploit their own people forced labor so I would say there's a fair amount in the band in China episode that Chinese answer could be a little bit angry about if you were to kind of pick a couple of examples what would you cite well I think that the when he the Pu reference definitely did not go over well I think that's been well reported that that's a huge issue there and then the the the way in which the the work camps were portrayed were in the Horton conditions that the those in prison there had to go through and was also probably Inaugu over well Yeah Winnie the Pooh I think in some circles has been compared to the appearance of President Gee and the Poo essentially vanished from a lot of sense social media sites in China is that right that sure seems to be the case from everything that I've seen reported and that apparently is what Matt and Trey the creators of South Park thought to and that's one of the reasons why randy when he gets put into a work camp runs into Winnie the Pooh and piglet and they explain exactly what's happening in the news which is the first time that Matt and Trey Have you South Park and real world events in news and worked it into the story line so you know they're getting their laughs but they're also a few things that maybe some folks aren't aware of listen guys we just got word back from the Chinese censors they don't want US mentioning organ transplants how come well they've been accused of harvesting organs from look it doesn't matter they they said no to the Oregon stuff oh and no homosexuality either there's this great phrase in the law it's a Latin phrase called ray so low quarter which means the facts speak for themselves and I have to say the fact that Chinese censors are blocking South Park pretty much validates the whole point of the episode doesn't it it would sure appear to be that way I think the mantra were definitely making a point sir numerous points rather when they did this episode both about how Hollywood and studios tailor their art to fit the Chinese censors so that they can obviously make money there but also the horn conditions that the work camps in China or what people who were in those camps in China the horrid conditions that they have to go through there've been a couple of run INS with China recently one is the NBA and the NBA has apologized because of what it called an inappropriate comment and by the general manager of the Houston Rockets who sent out a tweet and support of Hong Kong's Democracy Movement Matt and Trey have come out with a slight he different statement what did they say in response to the controversy well they went right for it which they usually tend to lean and they said light quote like the NBA welcome the Chinese censors into our homes into our hearts and part and basically what they were saying this full apology is that money and money is more important than freedom democracy so they definitely were leaning in and taking a shot with this fo apology and I I can't imagine this'll be the last we hear of it I wouldn't be surprised if there was something in this week's episode I don't know necessarily but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if this is the last we hear of it from them

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