Trump hosts heated White House vaping debate


On Wednesday ten candidates faced off in Atlanta for a democratic presidential debate no one candidate broke out of the pack reflecting his surge in the polls people to judge came under fire for his political and experience while calmly Heris tried to regain momentum meanwhile on Capitol Hill house Democrats heard from nine witnesses this week and they're impeachment investigation of president trump ambassador Gordon Tomlin and former White House adviser Fiona hill were among those who testified someone said there was in fact a quid pro quo for the release of military aid to Ukraine while Fiona hell characterize the pressure campaign as a quote domestic political errands with us now is Joe carefully senior political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and founder and president of she the people Amy Allison thanks for being with us Joe let's start with you much has been made of south bend Indiana mayor Pete booted Chad and his recent rise in the polls particularly in Iowa and New Hampshire what was his goal on Wednesday night and do you think he achieved it was gold what was it for in it not to be a a peek down like everybody just the young people who just because he's the the poll leader he's got bigger problems he is the head in that state that's ninety percent white which is you know that's that's nice but when it comes to California the stats here say that you know half of Latinos don't even know who he is so he's got some real problems and when he goes to South Carolina and he's been a long time there no black folks there are not into his campaign at all it is it's really amazing about people the church is that there is no path to victory in the primary without winning significant black support to go around black women he's as close to zero as they come and so I thought last night or late this week was his opportunity to make his case an authentic way to really appeal to black voters particular black women who are the power house Democratic Party voters and he was challenged on his racial justice record in south bend and I feel like he fell flat and so he didn't gain momentum there and therefore I I think as it relates to black voters would you put a judge did not to gain and he says I I asked in this of the California Democratic Party convention were at those at last week about this and he said no I'm I'm looking for to making out reaches into the communities and then Latinos and blacks but he didn't show up to the to the like the to the African American caucus of the California Democratic Party convention so you know there's a gap right now between the rhetoric and the reality for him come here she called him out on that on the stage in Amy you were actually at the debate I was right there and I what was the mood like there it's interesting because of the tight it's Tyler Perry studios it said Lana this is a state that was electrified and literally transformed by the campaign is Stacey Abrams who did that the pre show rally you don't it was the moment where I was sitting among people it was very clear when we heard from the mayor of Atlanta is Stacey Abrams a congressman Lewis as well as Tom for as the Georgia is the middle of the middle of the battleground states there one point four points from being a blue state and they recognize that not only do they have to deal with voter suppression and we didn't hear enough about that on stage about the reality voter suppression in a state like Georgia but they they need to invest now in order to elevate turn out even more than we saw record numbers for twenty eighteen so there was a sense of people in the audience they're really looking for signals from the the candidates who was who is able to speak the language of a multiracial coalition they can be a man or woman of any race but are they going to appeal to people like in Georgia and some did did a very good job on that and others fell on their face and so that was a good measure of who's going to be positioned to reassemble the Obama coalition into twenty twenty one of the most striking things for me in this debate was that this was the first debate were all for moderators were women Amy and you can answer this also if you'd like to do you think that that that affected the tenor of the debate and what was talked about I actually thought it was good I I in the in the sense that child care was brought up that's a universal fit you know our concern of parents in terms of being a burden and there's not a lot really but national solution to this so we have we're able to really hear from the candidates much more deeply around an issue that affects a lot of us and I think having women on the stage did make a difference in that way I think the issue of abortion in in choice was addressed more than before but again there are there were many many more issues or round they talked about workplace harassment in the need to movement and right that was really funny talk about housing to which hasn't gotten a lot of play so far too which is which is another issue that we yeah we have but for five debates since the first time I've really have discussion about housing is interesting because if you look at women in particular women of color are going to be the that the swing vote in these battleground states for the white and battle the White House they're also going to be the vote that ultimately decides who is a standard bearer for the Democratic Party these issues matter and she the people just worked with us center for American progress on a report that basically said look if you talk issues with the good witch and issues that speak to the base like some of the issues were talking about those are things that excite people and get them to the polls this is this is what needs to happen more and more these debates are coming up well California senator Kamel Harris she came out swinging at this debate she's trying to revitalize her campaign and there was one particularly testy exchange between her and congressman Tulsi Gabbard let's listen to that it's unfortunate that we have someone on the stage who is attempting to be the democratic nominee for president United States during the Obama administration spent four years full time on foxnews criticizing president Obama

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