The Impossible Burger Is Coming to a Shop Near You


We have some plant-based news to start what we do. We do it's happening. The impossible burger is making its way to a store near you. Yes that's true. It's going to be in the stores so here's the deal at debuted in southern California last weekend at Elson around. It's like our took a higher end store. I guess but then it's GonNa be in all other stores after that and then it's going to debut on the East Coast Post in just a few days and then as the year goes on it will gradually be released throughout the rest of the country and they're sold in twelve ounce packages for eight ninety nine and we have a package right here at least is holding. I'm squeezing it so this is impossible burger made from plants and by the way everything here today is we're calling plant based but it's it's all things that are will fit in with a Vegan Diet we're not saying every single thing we're trying as only made out of plants so hopefully you guys will forgive her for that but no animal mall no animal byproducts exactly no animals were harmed if I didn't no you're holding a package of the impossible murder packed the meat ground beef it. Does it look easy as my mom would say chop meet. Jamie was like what are you. What's chummy? It's such a New York thing but it does it really looks like ground beef the thing about impossible the impossible burger her and you know a lot of these substitutes. They're high in fat. Your high in calories like sometimes higher in saturated fat than regular beef especially extra extra lean ground beef. It's so strange it is. I don't know what what if my eyes weren't so bad. I'd be able to tell you the tagline off flavor. No Cow so one third of this twelve ounce package is two hundred forty calories fourteen grams of fat and eight of that saturated so it's not even like that's a terrible. We'll stop at like what's in it if it's plan paced like where's all the fat coming from like you. Can you tell okay so the ingredients yep. The ingredients are soy protein concentrate coconut oil sunflower oil natural flavors potato protein. It looks to me like it's the oils so a lot of oils. That's what's GonNa make it taste rich like. Is this the one that bleeds or is it the other one. There's there's what's the other on call them on C. on exactly beyond meat. I like all of them like they all taste good to me but I've been eating like fake soy meat for a million years I thought was the originator Morningstar farms. I love all that stuff. Through this stuff. I guess is more popular because they're like okay. Infuse it with fat make it tastes rich and and people will embrace it which they have and like now the thing that's all the rage is the impossible walker which we are going to be taste testing. You excited. I'm very excited excited. I told you I had my first dodger dog the other day so this is like a big

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