Trump Denies Giuliani Acted on His Behalf in Ukraine: 'Rudy Has Other Clients'


I WANNA play a clip of an interview with Donald Trump and his and his old buddy man who used have a cable show until he was fired because of so many accusations of sexual arrangement this is donald trump talking about rudy. Giuliani whose intimated he has insurance against the president and won't run the bus over him and this is what Donald Trump is now saying about him. Take a listen. So what was Rudy Giuliani. Doing in Ukraine on your behalf. Where you have to ask that to rudy but Rudy I? I don't even know I. I know he was going to go to Ukraine and I think he cancelled a trip But you know Rudy has other clients other than me. I'm one direct him to go there on your behalf. You didn't know but you have to understand. Rudy is a great corruption fighter. I mean there's so much that's fascinating about this betsy but the first thing that sticks Out To me is you'RE GONNA have to ask is literally what he said about. Michael Kohn back in April eighteen. When he was I asked about the animals? He said you're going to have to ask Michael and look where Michael ended up right did not have a happy ending for for Mr Cohen Trump. Telling people to talk to rudy kind of ironically also matches. What what he was telling? Some of his senior administration officials called him with questions about Ukraine. He said go talk to Rudy. The reality is rudy. Unquestionably was one of the trump himself. Senior on voice too key while this entire process was playing out and everybody knew it that Ukrainians new at the Americans knew trump trump nuit rudy. New at there was no mystery to this and remember part of the reason that there's such a robust conversation about whether or not to expand the number of witnesses. This is testifying before the impeachment inquiry is that we haven't actually heard from people who were really really in the weeds with Rudy himself. On the work he was doing for the president resident. Love Parnassus a person who would potentially be able to provide that testimony Andrea earmark. who was an aide to the president of Ukraine who met with Rudy shortly after after the trump as Alinsky phone call year? Mock told me on the record that led Parnasse was at the table when he and Rudy had a conversation that has now proven to the incredibly faithful Peres hasn't yet testified. So there's a lot of information out there that congressional Democrats still don't have a great point as for Rudy Swim. I mean debates. He's he's point he literally tells Linski on the phone call to talk to rudy. He tells them you talk to people. Will you borrow Rudy. He I mean he will try because he tries to do this. All this things things and just sort of like Ben Reality News will but there is just no question. He's directing people to get in contact with Rudy. No absolutely and look like as betsy was mentioning earlier about how India Open and how public this was and it wasn't actually a secret at best. It was an open secret. That Giuliani was acting on president. Trump's behalf unrest is he was telling reporters on the record for months in in a very loquacious manner in the months leading up to the scandal before the long before the impeachment inquiry was even lauch. And when when he would talk about it to reporters at various outlets including at the daily beast he would repeatedly say how he was. Keeping President. Trump abreast yes leafed on all of his progress progress so if president trump wants turn around now and talk about how oh he was doing his own thing well. There were numerous opportunities from to tell his lawyer to knock get the hell off if he actually wanted US win. Su- sang and Betsy Woodruff Swan. Thank you both your time

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