Democrats release transcripts of testimony from three officials ahead of first impeachment inquiry public hearing


Releasing a trove of impeachment transcripts. Tonight and they tell this story. Trump and his defenders withholding withholding crucial aid to Ukraine in an effort to please Russia Catherine Kroft the current special adviser for Ukraine negotiations telling lawmakers the president's Acting Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had the office of Management and budget put a hold on delivering javelin missiles to Ukraine. Because Mulvaney was concerned quote that Russia Russia would react negatively to the provision of javelin to Ukraine to be clear the story Mulvaney bending over backwards for Russia when according to cross testimony all other parts of the US government involved in the javelin deal supported it. Also tonight we're learning. Christopher Anderson a career foreign service officer testified the president's special envoy to Ukraine believed Rudy Giuliani quote was an obstacle to improving relations and putting pressure on Russia. And there's a third erred testimony that we are seeing tonight for the first time. From top Pentagon official Laura Cooper the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense telling lawmakers about a meeting back in July where officials raised raised concerns about whether it was illegal for trump to withhold crucial military aid for Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden Cooper. Saying immediately deputies begin into raise concerns about how this could be done in a legal fashion. That's a quote from the testimony. So what is president trump saying about these three transcripts that we are seeing tonight well. He tweeted twice today. That Congressman Adam. Schiff is fabricating the transcripts. Which of course is false? These are the transcript. Republicans have been in these hearings. They've been asking questions and not one. Republican has come forward to say say that Democrats have lied and Dr Transcripts. It's an absurd claim this is all unfolding of course. Trump is about to face the biggest threat to his presidency in less less than forty eight hours. Democrats will take their case for impeachment public holding the first historic public televised hearing with Bill Taylor. Trump's top diplomat in Ukraine. Remember right it was Taylor who laid out that evidence of quid pro quo testimony that for some Republicans was a game changer. Kaitlan Collins is traveling with the president tonight and she is out front live in New New York. That's where the president is outside trump tower. This evening Caitlyn so You know I mentioned those tweets but how is the president feeling tonight with these public hearings looming the president and his football days indoors inside trump tower here behind me ever since he gave those remarks the veteran's Day parade earlier today tonight. He's lashing out repeating that claim that he believes. Democrats are putting out Dr Transcripts even though as you noted Republicans who were in the room for those closed-door testimonies have disputed the accuracy of them but the president it is also seeming to let the deadline slip on. When he's going to release the transcript of his first call with the Ukrainian president something that he told me on Saturday? He was going to be doing tomorrow now he just says it's going to happen sometime this week. Now Aaron that's coming. Something really notable is happening with his chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney who was attempting to join this lawsuit filed by the former deputy national security advisor. Who's essentially asking the courts to decide? Does he have to listen to house. Democrats or the White House when it comes to testifying on Capitol Hill. Charlie Kupperman said he didn't want vein essentially to be on that lawsuit. He didn't think the same reasons given that he was a national security official. WHO's no longer in the administration and Mick Mulvaney? Any isn't a national security official who still works in the White House tonight. We're learning that Mick. MULVANEY plans to file his own lawsuit asking the courts to decide whether or not he has to respond to that subpoena subpoena on Capitol Hill an errand. That's notable not only because he's the chief of staff who still works president trump but also because of the role he played in that White House letter. Remember that eight page letter. They publish essentially telling White House. Officials not to comply with any requests from Democrats giving them protection essentially not to. Now Mick. Mulvaney wants to leave that decision sued for him in the court's hands. All right CAITLIN. Thank you very much. And I WANNA Democratic Congressman Gerry Connolly. Now he sits on both the the House Foreign Affairs and oversight. Committee's congressman. Lots to talk about tonight obviously But I want to start with some of this new information that we're getting from transcripts Cooper Testified Lark Cooper. That is that. There was concerned withholding aid from Ukraine. Was Not even legal. Do you believe from everything you've seen from being in the room. From seeing these transcripts the president trump's administration was indeed breaking the law We're GONNA have to obviously IMO. That one over. I believe the president broke the law in extorting The president of another country By withholding the military aid I believe given the fact the congress wanted this lethal military aid including the javelin is to go to Ukraine the president ignoring it suspending it is in a very questionable suitable area. But there's no question that by withholding the aid for the purpose of extortion. That was an illegal act so so in the newly released transcripts and other thing. We're learning right from Catherine craft. In this case. She testified that Mulvaney was concerned and I quote from her testimony that Russia would react the negativity to the provision of javelin to Ukraine. And she also of course says that every other you know administration unit was involved supported Providing these chaplains to to Ukraine so You know how what is there any situation. Okay let me put it this way congressman or any situation in which this would be true that they would have withheld this because they they were concerned about Russia's reaction that makes sense to you know in fact it's actually a repugnant thought. Javelin missiles are are very effective. Antitank weapons the Russians and their paramilitary forces have tanks and other military equipment in active combat in the eastern part of Ukraine. Ukrainian government wanted those javelin missiles to defend itself to protect itself for Mick Mulvaney. The the president's Acting Chief of staff to be concerned about the Russian reaction as opposed to the need of Ukraine's government is You know a warped sense of values and really a a Har- finding thing to contemplate that somebody so senior and our government would put Russia's concerns ahead of the those of our ally Ukraine. So you mentioned Mick Mulvaney and of course he's now saying tonight. Radio joined a lawsuit for with John. Bolton's deputies now he's now how out he's going to file his own lawsuit to let the judge decide whether that he needs to honor your subpoena and testify in the impeachment inquiry. And I just WanNa make sure you know first of all any lawsuit would take time. You made it clear you're going to go ahead and you don't need his testimony. Does this change anything for you or are you going to wait for the court to decide on this. We're not no in fact Some of the subpoenas has you know were withdrawn so that we're not held up in litigation in the courts which just take way too much time. We need to address this and address this in real human timeframes. I will say that the craziness continues for the president today to assert assert based on nothing. The transcripts were doctored and don't really reflect the deposition of the witnesses. We heard from and by the way those transcripts reviewed by those witnesses and their attorneys before they're released for accuracy but secondly of course to have the chief of staff of the president actually suing doing his own White House to get a decision about whether or not he's Required to respond to Congressional demand for testimony or the White House Directive. It really brings us into all new territory in terms of

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