Feds pursuing broad investigation into two associates of Rudy Giuliani, including his consulting business


We've all heard about the three Amigos I'm lucky to the pharmacy to get that's the knuckle head trio a Steve Martin Chevy Chase Martin short in the nineteen eighty six comedy but now the three Amigos is also synonymous with three US diplomats at the center of US policy toward Ukraine those that make us our ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland energy secretary Rick Perry and former special envoy Kurt Volker there's also a sequel here if I may this time it's two Amigos who emerged as central to the impeachment story Soviet former business associates a left Parnassus and Igor Froom on the men were apprehended at Dulles airport in October with one way tickets to Vienna I asked author Gary Graff what we've been learning about the two men in recent days I'm sort of the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the impeachment inquiry is popping up in odd places and serving as key go betweens between Rudy Giuliani some of these Ukrainian old darks and even appearing to do some business with president trump on behalf of president trump but love hello this is appearing to be willing to cooperate with house investigators and has turned over some set of audio in potentially video recordings to the committee although he is also in other places asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege to avoid testifying about some of those campaign finance questions where's your from and is not cooperating with Congress and the investigation so it's clear that partners sees any opportunity to potentially help get himself out of the hot water that he's in with federal prosecutors by cooperating with house investigators so in the past two days part of this is also making life more difficult for representative Devin newness the Republican chair of the house intelligence committee what has partners alleged so one of the things that has come out in the last couple of days that is added to the circus like atmosphere of these impeachment hearings is the stunning news that Devin nouni as the man who has been leading the president's defense as ranking member of the house intelligence committee himself has actually been out in Europe investigating Joe Biden's ties in Ukraine and hunter Biden's business ties in Ukraine and that Noone has has been trying to dig up dirt alongside some of these efforts that we have seen from folks like the desert deposed Ukrainian prosecutor Victor shorten so this week fox news anchor Maria Bartiromo ask newness about that trip bottom line were you in the end it with Shokan yeah the look of I really want to answer all of these questions and I promise you absolutely will come back on the fifth hole it answer these questions Gary Graff wouldn't be pretty easy to establish whether harnesses claim that Noone is went to Vienna it's true yes and in fact there's very clear evidence that at least aspects of it are true Devin unions has filed for tax payer reimbursement of some of these trips including at least fourteen thousand dollars that he charged for a four day trip that would appear to me to the parameters of what is being alleged so basically the allegation is that Devin newness was also trying to dig up dirt on the buttons yes it into put it a little bit more simply that Devon knew me as the leading defender of the president in Congress in these impeachment hearings is himself a co conspirator in the underlying efforts Gary Graff is the author of the threat matrix inside Robert Muller def be on the war on global

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