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Wallace and everybody else the more it is today earnhardt it's GonNa catch that end of the pack here it just a couple of minutes earnhardt believe it or not with only five top five finishes in nineteen ninety nine two of them are wins but he's only got five top fives these not been terrific here at Martinsville in recent history he's got finishes thirty second and nineteenth in his last two runs here so you know this is not been this this solid performance like we've seen today what has been happening earnhardt here this particular race track of late or for that matter in overwhelming amounts in nineteen ninety nine but they certainly have had a fast racecar moving up from thirty eight starting spot where they the green flag earlier this afternoon and despite the fact that he does not have that many top five finishes and good solid finishes all season long the car has been good on occasion it almost every racetrack we've been into earnhardt works his way through Turner before catches some of that lap traffic that we talked about

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