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Hi everybody welcome to an or at least weekly weather my name is an early. I'm an astrologer here in New York City and I'm talking to you tonight from the big fright red desk here on the Upper East side of Manhattan it has been a gray and rainy day here in the island of Manhattan which is always a great time for us to To really spend time at home curl up with a bowl of soup I had a really it delicious Soup that I made and kind of connect in who are inner well and of course today the moon's an Scorpio which is of course a very strong energy around nesting and quiet and solitude Scorpios are very private people so if you were feeling really private today you're right in sync with the heavens we also have today the moon was in remote down honey oh he's sitting here with as little button GonNa make my computer go crazy today also earlier the moon was void all day and libra with closing aspect of a A sex tilted Jupiter so that whole sense moonen libra sex hell Jupiter and Saj that whole sense of Gee how do I nest and then around four thirty the moon went into Scorpio to say okay a little more intense so if you've been feeling kind of nasty in cuddling and cozy and wanting to kind of hang out that's exactly the energy that we're working with of course it is as we know there's a lot of energy in the sky a lot of animation energy and son is approaching and opposition to urine us which is a lot of in entity and passion we also all last week had Mars approaching his square to Pluto and that perfected today around ten thirty in the morning Mars Square Saturn rather and now next week he approaches square to Pluto which is going to be a little harder but you know Saturn is now you're admits Saturn has Marzieh's jumped over Saturn if you think of senator as a roadblock and now he's plowing towards Mars so our job with all this is to kind of go okay we are in Scorpio time Scorpio's son of course when the leaves in the Northern Hemisphere experienced the frost and they fall off the trees and able to look behind the trees to see the houses were able to look it's the xrays Scorpio's of course our doctors and surgeons and mobsters interestingly and the people that were kind of in triangles you your body in them your therapist your your problem in them the mob you your business in them you know Scorpio is the sign of accounting and some of US paid taxes this last week as we filed on our last extension possible October fifteen and of course Scorpio's how we account and your your government is your silent business partner you know you give him some of your money every paycheck so with Scorpio energy we're really work talking with those deep deep feelings of deep deep energies there is a new moon in Scorpio tonight at eleven thirty eight and then we're going to have you know moons always initiate energies and start a new cycle and kick us off for thirty days a two and a half year and I will be doing at seven thirty I'll be doing a new movie Webinar on my website which you can sign up for on talking about this new moon energy 'cause it's very potent moon it's the moon in the sun opposite urine US right so the moon opposes your shortly after the new moon and the sun opposes urine as tomorrow so this is kind of an Aha awaken wing seeing things you hadn't seen before stuff surfacing and of course mercury is in approaching his shadow he's moving varies he's in his shadow he's approaching his retrograde he's moving very very slowly so I thought it was pretty hysterical because mercury is the trickster that Rudy Giuliani butt dial the couple of reporters and you know left to three minute message of him talking in the background saying he needed money being isn't Scorpio right we need money so you know it's it's a time when secrets revealed when you find out stuff you know mercury is telling you tales so you want to pay attention to the tales he's telling I had a couple of people in the last couple of days come in and they'd found out some pretty big secrets you do not you want to pay attention to the secrets that come out under mercury in his shadow approach he's been in the shadow since the eleventh of October he's GonNa Station to go retrograde this week on Halloween and then he's GonNa go backwards until he clears his shadow which is going to be on the twentieth of until stations to go direct on the twentieth of November and then he leaves Scorpio for good for true on December I think it is December Ninth yeah he leaves Scorpio in December nine so we're in Scorpio Season Immigrant Scorpio always knows where the bodies are buried that's just what they do they know stuff so this is also a great time for crimes to be solved we often find in the Scorpio time a lot of the big crimes unsolved for Thirty Years Get solved because Gordon once the dead the dead want surface until stories or last deathbed confessions as they're dying they confess to what they were doing right let Scorpio he he knows you know there's an accountability factor with him and he keeps track you know they always say follow the money the accountants track the money because is the money Scorpio tracking it keeping track of it is is important so watch where you're being advised to look where you're being asked to look pay attention because Mars is in libra he is answering to Venus and Scorpio she's also in Scorpio right so it's this point today we have the moon the Sun Venus Athena Strategic Warrior got us and Mercury on Scorpio and Mars of course in libra answers to Venus in Scorpio Mars and Venus have what we call mutual reception Venus can turn into Lebron it'd be charming and delightful and related and connected and hi how are you doing you want a partner with me and Mars Scorpio can be intense and probing and let's go and they can work together or they can both be in there lower forums Venus doesn't like being Scorpio it's considered detriment 'cause you know we like to think of the goddess of love being all about fairness and beauty and grace now remember Venus had a temper right Marzan libra he's a warrior king now used to be polite and ask permission really and you know so they don't really like the signs in but they can swap because they're in each other signs and then be much happier but again for that swapping to take place we need a little consciousness so we'll be covering this on the full moon the new moon report tonight and much more depth but this week we want to kind of just think about that then the other thing more portent is Mars moving towards his square to Pluto now this happens once every two years it's not that common and have a Mars Pluto aspect in your chart you will be feeling it really grow 'cause you're having what's called a natal X. Citation all the rest of us are having the saluto square because it's in the heavens above us and we're watching the we're watching it kind of happen right I like to think of that Mars Pluto Square if you remember the scene from Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates drives up in the car and the girls and the key in the car pull into her spot for her and she starts yell at them and they're like ha and they get out of the car and then she gets really mad and then they said something like that and we're fast and she goes she starts driving her car into there she goes I'm older and I have insurance Mars Square Pluto I was going to it doctors appointment on Friday morning and the UPS truck was barreling down the road and the SUV did an illegal u-turn and the ups driver BLERTA's horn and I thought they're gonna hit and fortunately the SUV driver pulled over to the right and the ups driver swung a little left so they worded collision but next week they're going to collide with the Marsk where Pluto so it's kind of a strategic action averted collision saturns solicitation right when Mars and Saturn switch places Mars is a new text capricorn Saturn's and its exile tation and libra Great Opportunity Strategic Driving Limited the crash Mars Square Pluto not so lucky so this week people are really going to be feeling their Mars Pluto and so you want to kind of give permission to that to watch and then also with the Mercury and Scorpio telling me secrets lot of intense energy I and I you know we look at the idea the energy is not good or bad it just is and then we use it how do we work with it productively and I think that's perhaps the hardest part because we might be running a little bit of a temper or a little mad or a little round where Iraq and you have to kind of say okay let me be strategic about it Morrison Libra I'm thinking about Saturn and capricorn what actually do what's the result I really we want here and then his Mars now goes towards poodle and capricorn what am I actually trying to transform here because Mars is the planet of war and Shen he's aspect pluto the aspect the planet of transformation so there's an opportunity here for a huge transformation used correctly

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