Woman’s brain surgery broadcast live to thousands of people


A success brain surgery on a patient's while she's awake broadcast live on Facebook inside operating room twenty one at Methodist Alice Jena shark flashes a smile while behind the curtain surgeons have just removed part of our school to access her brain all set they're performing awake brain surgery to map out the safest way to access a tangle of blood vessels causing Jenna seizures the tangle of close to the speech area of the brain and as thousands of Facebook followers watch live doctors stimulate different parts of our brain while she reads words and identifies pictures off an iPad I just look at her I'm I'm so impressed how she's handling this for forty five minutes Jennifer follows orders from clinicians he's lucid and just as personable as she was when we met her the day before surgery I don't feel there if I I keep saying is that we are then I'm not nervous Jenna an occupational therapist student told us doctors discover the tangle of vessels after she suffered a seizure while at work it was just like gibberish I just like the you can't move like when I try to write it down I couldn't write down what was going on and I try to tax so it's going to take my friend say there's something wrong with my brain but I couldn't they told her a week brain surgery would help them remove the tangle without causing damage to our speech she says the decision to broadcast it live on Facebook was an easy one I really hope it shows people back to have faith in the medical profession because we really have grown so much doctors call Jenna role model is doing a fantastic job and a medical inspiration for others have faith in your medical profession in your surgeons and everything's

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