Three Wins in 4 Years Is a Record


James Good Morning. Good Morning Steve. Thanks for having me on hope your weekend. Well it did. It did and I thought I saved I wrote I write down as many selections. It's always tough for Breeders Cup because then the paper gets all gets a little a little sloppy and sure enough here. I'm looking now and yeah I do have it. Actually there we go there we go home. You were a Vino guy and and bricks and mortar and and then spun to run so yeah your share of winners Too Key around I thought was on higher power. Though I didn't have you know I got you written down for Dino. I took higher power stirred Flavian Pratt. What's up on them? I'll tell you play the Heidi wrote one favorite Donna Duluth below she. The brewers Juke juvenile given up Phillies runner-up but he had a win. had four seconds and fourth earners. I thought that was a really a great performance by him and You know he has the Kentucky Derby win on his resume junkies like have that really just A good showcase for an upcoming star in our rank agreed and and I tweeted on Sunday. I've discussed this a couple of times this week. His record is stunning. And he's got people would say. Oh He's only got three wins. WHOA WHOA three wins? Thirty eight mounts and this is only his fourth year as fourth year riding his sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen at-bats. Ah But another fourteen in the money finishes and then a handful of fourths and fifths I mean the percentage is frightening. I mean considering considering the level of competition really outstanding and he gives he gives every virtually every horse. If he's got horse to work with he gives them a chance. It's definitely and you know I mean I think Santa Anita and hosted the Breeders Cup eight times previously and and and he was writing a lot of california-based debased horses and one of my takeaways was definitely that this this year's Breeders Cup with completely unlike any out in California before I mean just uh-huh it just. It really started on Friday where the first four winners had all raised it Aqueduct Belmont and by the end of it I'm you know I'm looking at it it it. If you'd looked at the charts that Saturday at at Saratoga you wouldn't be surprised to see our ad or ts in four races Castellano and Rosario win into each and then Jose or ts Manny Frank Ricardo Santana All winner races well and Joe Bravo and that's what happened. They took twelve to fourteen races and and all twelve of those horses that race in New York this year now very strong on that on that front and ah not to say that Just had the conversation with Nick. Lock about the euro's and there were there were solid efforts and solid board hits in addition to Iridescence win but The you know the and there were solid performances from west coast sources to bell. Athena's Bella Fina. At under under certain circumstances dances might have won. The united almost looked like a winner hundred yards from the wire There were there were plenty of of solid performances from every region In some cases. Look at Vino. Vino having been into California. I think counselor a lot. You fold in folding would ask. Did you know getting there early with Matali Actually Navarro to I mean in Navarro got there early with a chance. A Lot A lot of times the a Lotta Times. The juvenile turf sprang can be like locally based sources can do all your top two in that race were both based in California with Peter Miller and you the one hundred and thirty five bucks. That's right that's right. That's right his second his second in the race in three years. I'm just looking at the list to spun to run from Philadelphia. So you get you get a a regional kind of a B.. Track player are sharing sharing holiday for new. New York's thunder run actually ran in a mate. Nice at act backer. And the winner but I mean the parks and mom Sharing base at Far Hills at far hell and Maryland bred. That's a couple of times Toga. Yeah yeah everybody everybody got their Lixin. Actually when you when you kind of go through this And I'll just say I I came away. I mean granted. I thought the four big stars coming into enforces with the serious horsey. Our aspirations Bricks Mourner Corner Sister Charlie and Matola two of the four one I think it really does come down horse a year two bricks and mortar and Matola Louis. But I'm giving the edge bricks mortar. I thought it was fantastic campaign. He had been a mile or previously. Before you know getting hurt and undergoing that surgery and I like the fact that Brad Cox I mean Brown ran him. You know he never ran he. Random and six different courses six different states. You went from Florida to Louisiana to Kentucky Hockey to New York to Illinois and the California To win a mile and a half for the first time in his career so to me. He's a deserving of the year well and and driving home the point about the mile and a half for people that because they always beat all the same types and didn't stretch himself then no he did and and you know the there was even people that were incredulous about him going the mile and a half so you know that that score extra points Without a doubt yeah definitely and you know to me One of the Mike Smith that made the point After a couple Oh. He ran second on a pair of privet favorites midnight zoo in Omaha Beach. And he's made the point that he'd right like those races back because it was hard to 'cause over that track track but to me it was more so that those horses were caned on the rail going into the first turn. Blue Prize was tenth early. You know tolley Holy Arosa could be five or six minutes off the pace. But they're jocks really at. That did a great job keeping them in the clear and I really thought midnight. These to you You know continue just to be in traffic through into the far turn. And when she got out she finished great as a case I mean they the great job on on TV and other highlighting it where I think of a blueprint. It's got the jump on her because of the trip the greed and it and it it also. It should be noted for people that are you know insisting that the track nobody could close well. WHOA that's not true? which is simply me? Just look at the chart for the distaff. What do you mean nobody could close at that? Just you know Omaha. Beach closed closed In in as well came from often and others whitmore made up. I mean it wasn't going to get to the winners and the the exact pair But he closed Idiom really had down below chicken that juvenile fillies and that's when the track was absolutely at its worst deepest pissed most impossible right based on based on the figure and in fact. It's funny because yesterday. Paul Matisse was talking about how difficult Friday was to make figures and then it was echoed by Jerry Brown on His On his experts board board. Somebody brought up. Paul's conversation and Jerry also echoed that the way the track changed from the you know the middle part of the day to by the time even the the juvenile boys ran so typically you would if the juvenile of the males run more than two seconds faster than the phillies. You'll get say their way better than the nose Philly but I do think it was. It was a track getting off faster later. And I. I'm I'm not down on British idiom or Donna Boise at all even though that right they came home. I think they should be still terrific runners. And you know it's it's hard to gauge coming out of the juvenile being real adobe guy Exactly what that means going forward so into court definitely Nice Horse Court Vision You know hasn't isn't had much success at Stud but he's bread You know fire. Classic types with that pedigree of his female family has a lot of stamina influences. It just doesn't have much class. You won't find any stakes winners really in that immediate female family well your final the final takeaways. My final take away so I just you know I you know I was. I thought you know it was a tragic end McGowan crew. I mean it was just a Really hurt to see that happy at the very end After a thirteen of the Breeders Cup races have that happened in the ashtray and and racing. Definitely I think has some issues and concerns going forward. the people in the industry maybe do a better job messaging but I still remain. Optimistic is the horserace fan about the future and I was. I came away like in the Breeders Cup. I thought there was some great performances and Looking for work once again the next year very good well. We're looking forward to the action this weekend give us some thoughts about Churchill had terrific card even today yesterday and Wednesday were good and of course the Commonwealth on Saturday the feature the Grade Three Mile and a sixteenth. The three year olds on the grass. It is an absolute war. Some thoughts about what's been going on while everybody was paying attention to Breeders Cup and and we got to look forward to this weekend. Yeah they had three stakes last week and In the MEA mischief flatmate go for the sale and and look good. She loves Churchill Downs Multiple Grade. One winner there in the Divine Queen got off to bad start. Art Never Fire in the In Saturday stakes chill Lewke and Sally's Kirwin breakers Swin She tried the Indiana Oaks folks earlier. This year didn't run good for Dale Romans. But she had one or last two allowance races by like about fifteen lenz combined and ran a rug. Good Rice debris greet Brian Cox's

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