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Trump administration today about technology and how Whoa doesn't understand. Its potential to reshape the economy. Yeah so I can't speak for the White House So I think Alexander Titus was the gentleman who you are referring to spokane Zimbabwe. I Alexander was involved in the bio calm the day and he was also with us during the congressional as well so I can only speak to what we've learned and what we are speaking on and educating legislators and policy-makers around And I will tell you that. This effort has largely been bipartisan. We met with science technology and Space Committee And and the representatives that appeared were equal sides of of of the aisle. Everybody sees this as as a huge focus for For the United States and making sure that we drive this economic development so I can't speak specifically to wear the White House or you know individual congressional leaders stand on the issue. I can say from our experience. We've received very positive feedback including the White House visits but also on the hill as well. I know in two thousand twelve. The Obama Administration had published a national bio comic blueprint. This included a set of strategic investments intended to lay the foundation the nation for a future bio Konami is that roadmap still being used in any way wasn't executed on wasn't successful. Yeah IT'S A. It's a great question and I you know again speaking personally. I was living in Germany at that time so it wasn't. I wasn't too involved in in the creation nations that the documentary that process. I am familiar with it I have reviewed the documents. I will say that it definitely aligns. Too much of the initiatives that that we feel are important important to ensuring that the bio Tommy doesn't forward You know there is current legislation that is under consideration There's a bill. Hr Four three seven. Three which is the Engineering Biology Investment Bill. And so this has been In Committee for an extended period of time and I'm happy to share air that passed out of committee Right before the The recessed now back in session the prior to the recess they pass out of committee and this is one of I legislative priorities. The bottom line is to ensure that. Hr Four three seven three. which is the engineering? Biology Investment Act Get sponsorship and we're looking to really drive have this Into both the House and we've got good one site to support on the house and then finding sponsors in the Senate of driving across the line but again this is a perfect good example of of how we feel. We can be active and really advocating for these types of bills. which really look at? How are we allocating funds and infrastructure picture to support the development of our economy infrastructure being basic science training all the way through to it and computational signs of a shorter required to really orange biology? Maybe you can touch on some of the other policy issues of concern. Are you focused on. Issues of regulation workforce in public investment in our D-. What are the big issues driving the concerns of industry right now? Yeah I mean so many of those things that are important to us so so you know. Regulation is important elements of the industry and you feel that. Proper regulation comes from proper education. So our focus now is really educate h Regulators and policymakers around the opportunity as well as areas where regulation may be required Investment is a huge area that we're looking at and I you know I use similar. We know that. NIH funding has significantly increased over many many years Below we've seen as we've seen a reallocation of funds ends with an age and so on colleges become a huge area funding. And if you look back ten fifteen twenty years ago it was a smaller area. Funding overall financing hasn't changed significantly. We've had ones. We are trying to drive much of that again by autonomy alliance to look at areas where we feel incremental investments or require player and perhaps it can be a real alignment of of internal funds and resources but it's not exclusively through an age you mentioned. Dod Darva Department of Energy Number of entities are actively engaging in creating the Viacom in manufacturing and bringing more through biology but other owners for Russell important as well you know workforce issues is important that we have access to the smartest most driven best trained scientists on the planet. And you want them to you come to the United States and working business established business and want to ensure that those who are here in the United States have a have a line of sites who in education that will enable for them to move into the workforce that is a biological workforce versus perhaps a industrial base workforce. So all of us topics are very important. Join US are there big challenges that need to be addressed through precompetitive issues that need to be solved by public private partners ars. So it's it's it's a great question you know I'll say the have you know we have great examples incredible public private partnerships such as the first genome. Don't project right To sequence I I Hema Jim was was the joints between age and genome sciences and different commercial entities. is in fact when I was on the hill. I kind of preface my comments with me just think about what is the next moonshot project for our vile economy or biological thinkers in the country. You know the the Human Genome Project was one of those moon shots and we've got a lot of others out there that we should think about you. Know from fundamentally a trying to sedate the operating mechanism for biology and understanding what biological components can be put together into organisms to due to drive a new paradigm and manufacturing to really get into understanding Inter Cellular Communication Nation. And how do we look at creating environments of microbes that can communicate with each other respond to stimuli responsive wind. Listen to different response. which may again from a manufacturing process produce a compound or remediate? Something that's happening in the nature So a lot of big challenges could be put on the table and this is one of the kind of I'll say the thought experiments we've done Tommy Lines. What are some of the asset we could go for? And that's what we're working together positioning papers when you think about the biggest barriers to realizing the potential of the opportunities force today what you said they are scientific holocene economic or something else. Yes so so I believe eight largely at scientific at this point and I say that because you know as we've seen scientific innovation and come online we see the economics around that scientific innovation come together quite quickly and we can all that pretty pretty routinely as we look at you know you know go back to the example precision. Helter you know the advent next turner she sequencing sequencing targeted sequencing Really enabled us to lose today. The biology hav driver mutations within tumors which then of course informs which therapies are are prescribed to the individual. I think we're at a similar precedence. Right now and understanding biology from a manufacturing perspective of food due to feed materials perspective. Where you still fundamentally don't understand the rules to biology and I'll say that this is the largest challenge around synthetic biology synthetic biology being a interesting blend in biology and engineering and computational science you know from engineering perspective if you understand hand all the principal components you can build anything and I think when we initially went down the road of synthetic biology thought? Well we'll figure out what the parts are living organism that we can combine those into a new organism and we've learned that biologists complex and we don't really understand those principal components hence we need the new tools to loosening those components. Soon we do. We'll see those economic models fall in line so to your question. I I do believe that way now. The scientific challenge is the largest challenge. which is what we focused on through? The vital COMU- lines and ensuring that funding is flowing to the proper areas of research to enable that elucidation the principal components to enable development of the Diakonie. Jason Ganic Chief Commercial Officer script at a founding member of the bio combines. Is Jason. Thanks so much for your time. Today it was a pleasure. Thank you so much.

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