Weather Channel to Host Climate Change Special


The weather channel's moving beyond cold fronts and heat waves and wading into the politics of climate change TWC is that this plan the special for early next month the good the interviews with nine presidential candidates on the topic among those taking part senator Bernie Sanders will speak inside of a devastating California wildfire while senator camallo Harris talks from along the flood prone area of the Mississippi River all three announced Republican challengers Joe Walsh bill weld and mark Sanford were also interviewed senator Cory Booker senator Elizabeth Warren former representative battle Rourke and mayor Pete booted judge round out the nine one notable absentee president Donald Trump who's the campaign's most prominent climate change skeptic he declined an invitation to take part Rick map is the network's on air hurricane expert and says it gets the conversation going in a big way and he said well the president may not be there the special won't ignore him or what is the administration has been doing when it comes to the

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