How the Dodgers' postseason nightmare scenario is becoming reality against Nationals


One or the other excerpts that I thought was fascinating in relation to the dodgers in the passing story that was on ESPN DOT com this morning was that he spoke to National League executive early in the season when the nationals were under five hundred dodgers were running away with things in the west and he said the only thing that's to stop the dodgers is the nationals in a short series and it's now this nightmare is potentially can come to fruition right like so this is this is exactly the scenario that if your Andrew Friedman Yeah you didn't WanNa see because it's look clearly they've been to the world series now two years in a row and I think most people thought it was a foregone conclusion they'd get there but every team has kryptonite yeah right and great starting pitching in a short stories absolutely can be that for any team no matter how good you are right and think about how the dodgers have gotten to where they got like they've got a solid amount of Jong Stars I will say they got even more reputable element of just straight up rookies in guys who were not necessarily Super Oh you who won them a ton of games this year Georgia wasn't like they were just banging people out with veterans all year they had what three walk-offs in a row from at a stretch where he was incredible look at you look at other guys and you think man they essentially they got lucky because that's not you don't get lucky bringing up young players who are big league ready that's not look but the luck came in the fact that it worked out to their fortune almost every time to the point that they yet steamrolled again to the West you get into the playoffs that's not the same situation each wave staring down the face of a twenty one year old kid yeah all that August magic goes right out of the window at that tough it's a it's a sprint verse marathon versus a sprint and I think that there are different ways to prepare for that and sometimes you can't necessarily prepare for it absolutely not and I think that the dodgers concern here dodgers fans concerns here are valid and it's just one of those things where this might actually be the best dodger team they've had in this run right apt they're running into a buzzsaw of the nationals who are kind of they're not bad news bears picking the right at the right time but they're kind of cobbled together yeah let's be real you start at the manager position right Davey Martinez he got guy walks into a bar and he spells Angeles nobody knows who he is not at all not a soul but he's managed to put it together of criticism and I give him a lot of credit we've seen this in other sports particularly in the NFL remember when when Aaron Rodgers and the packers won the there were nine when the dealers want a super bowl team the giants were a team that I think at one ten games but they were a team that had kind of limped into one of those super bowl we saw it in hockey this year right blues came back from last I don't think it's that bad but the nationals our team for those of you who haven't been paying attention to how their season has developed if it were not for the bullpen people would think this team is excellent yeah they're open trade however their bullpen being so bad it's not just the worst in the playoffs yeah it's not just the worst in the big this year overall it's the worst the history of the playoffs in the modern era so if you think about that sure bullpen is a part of the team so you can't just delete it but it's not like this lineup is terrible it's not like that I don't know how to make plays they kick the ball around a lot don't get me wrong but they figured some of this stuff out so the nationals are very interesting oddity overall never mind how they match up with doctors

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