Suspending the UK Parliament ruled unlawful.


Coming up on the news suspending the UK K. Parliament was unlawful judges rule democratic calls for trump impeachment grow and US diets still too heavy on foods the contribute to heart disease. It's Tuesday September September twenty four. I'm Anthony Davis Morris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament was unlawful. The Supreme Court has ruled Mister Johnson suspended or Perot GT parliament for five weeks earlier this month but judges said it was wrong to stop. MP's carrying out duties in the run-up to Brexit on the thirty first of October Supreme Court President Lady Hale said the effect effect on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme the PM said he profoundly disagreed with the ruling but would respect it a raft of MP's. He's have now called for the prime minister to resign and some say they will attempts to four seamounts if he does not go of his own accord during a speech in New York today hey the PM said he refused to be deterred from getting on with an exciting and dynamic domestic agenda and to do that he would need a queen speech the court ruling does not prevent him from Perogie again in order to hold one as long as it does not stop parliament carrying out its duties without reasonable justification lady. Hale emphasized in the ruling that the case was not about when and on what terms the UK left the EU it was about the decision to suspend parliament she said the unanimous decision of the eleven judges meant parliament effectively not been pirogues the decision was now and of no effect speaker of the Commons Kalman's John Berko said MP's needed to return in light of the explicit judgement and he had instructed the House of Commons authorities to prepare for the resumption Russian of business on Wednesday Democratic calls to impeach President Donald Trump gathering pace after demerged he withheld aides to Ukraine pressing it to investigate his would-be White House challenger Joe Biden the House Awesome Representatives Democratic Leader Speaking Nancy Pelosi is meeting with party members today to consider impeachment. Mr Trump has acknowledged freezing the AIDS aides to Ukraine but denied wrongdoing only to US presidents have ever been impeached at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City city today. Mr Trump said he only froze military aides to Ukraine because he wanted European countries to contribute money to the Republican president president also acknowledged pressuring newly elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Leninsky during a phone call on July twenty fifth to investigate. US Democratic critic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Mr Trump's remarks came after US media reported the days before his phone call with Mr Zielinski. Mr Trump instructed he's acting chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to withhold nearly four hundred million dollars in military aid for Ukraine congressional. Democrats the demanding a transcript of the trump seleny phone call which the White House has declines to release today speaking Nancy Pelosi the most powerful elected Democrat. He's holding a closed-door meeting with House members to consider impeaching Mr Trump. Mrs Pelosi has so far resisted calls among her liberal rank and file to remove if the Republican president from office last night's. The Washington Post published an all paid by seven Freshman Democrats all with backgrounds in the US military and intelligence agencies who said the stunning accusations against Mr Trump amounted to a national security threat Americans diets are a little less sweet and a little crunchy but there's still too much sugar white bread an artery reclogging fat. A study suggests overall the authors estimated that was a modest improvement over sixteen years on the government's healthy. Eating index from estimated did scores of fifty six to fifty eight. That's hardly cause for celebration. A hundred is the top score. Diets is still too heavy on foods that can contribute tribute to heart disease diabetes obesity and other prevalent. US Health Problems said CO author Fang Fang Zang a nutrition researcher at Tufts University University near Boston. The study was published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The results are from an analysis of US government health surveys from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand sixteen involving nearly forty four thousand adults researches think fewer sweetened fizzy drinks contributed to the decline Kline but Zang noted added sugars are often found in foods that don't even seem sweet including some yogurts and tomato sauce fruits nuts oatmeal and other whole grains are among the type of foods adults eight slightly more of still each of those contributed to less than five percent end of daily calories in two thousand sixteen the study found during the study years. US diabetes rates almost doubled to more than seven percent obesity rates increased during many of those years with about seventy percents of US adults. Now overweight or obese heart disease remains the leading cause of death despite the large number of people taking cholesterol reducing statins you can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast. App Off your smart speaker or enable the news as your Amazon Alexa Flash briefing skill will follow us on twitter at the news underscore podcast. The news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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