You know having the digital wallet


All right so the best method to invest in it is just purchasing you know the bitcoin at self getting you know having the digital wallet but in terms of yes there's some etf options out there yes there are some some secondary air or third level markets that are kind of putting investors together and you kind of have shares in ah in a mining operation itself really i would get the wallet technology had the digital wallet and then kind of you you're purchasing the bitcoin from there okay what about mutual funds ernie thank you buy any of that that you wouldn't have to go aero they have in your digital wallet yes yes so there's there's some mutual funds themselves are not completely bitcoin focused the sec did determine that there was one proposed bitcoin etf and the sec determined that the debt that that that etf did not meet certain standards because the bitcoin's were unknown regulated the etf couldn't necessarily invest in unregulated investments right but that's kind of the big problem for any big bitcoin based etf is that by the nature of the etf bitcoin's are always going to trade on an unregulated market that's that's why people love it so much so there's there's no kind of decent secondary investment that you can put money into that is backed by or invest it's in bitcoin like he would do for a gold etf whereas silver etf where you know you would buy shares and then theory theoretically you've got this backstop of the commodity itself so there's there's just not a good option that's why i said i would have the digital wallet by a couple track things educate yourself and then just slowly slowly slowly add to that if you're comfortable okay great thank you very much thanks.

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