A new tadic's i'm going to buy azure stack and you'll go that direction


I mean it puts them in competition with ibreik avert solutions for example i think you could make an argument that well rather than buying a new tadic's i'm going to buy azure stack and you'll go that direction it i mean i don't think that's unfair to you no no dollars it certainly does provide a certain amount of competition to the new tanic's of the world and and the other hyper converge vendors some of them might jump on the bus and say hey okay we we now have an ashes stack solution as well he and others might try to differentiate with the ways that they integrate with the public cloud or the additional options that they give you for running stuff on premises that may be azure stack dozen have i could see that saying i'll we've got this delightful hci you know model let's just add the software bits on top and like you said that day any came to get that subscription going i doubt there to religious about what the hardware platform as it's more just are you pain at six dollars per bcp or not and if you can check the box to say yes i am than the probably thumbs up about it yes that's definitely microsoft's approach other certain shops were azure stack makes sense or maybe doesn't make sense like maybe depending on the kind of work load you need to run where you'd look at it in ghana as your sex not really a great platform for that well i guess if you've managed to get a really good instance of open stack running in your environment and bless you if you have than address you might look at that and go i don't need that i got open stack them good another good example would be if you're a vmware in aws shopping those are the things that you do in you know a you know that vmware own aws is coming in maybe you just want to keep your engineers focused on those solutions and not even worry about what's going on and asher.

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