Sitcom writer so the first one i got


Uh you've had your own specials the aim shows everything what what is what is the thing you wanna do that you are having trouble getting there hunt well i did the kind of diversify very early uh from stand up a fancy of acting but also uh trying to develop projects in produce in in in right i was you probably know this feeling your you're we're you and i are like fifth man on a sitcom writer so the first one i got uh i pitched an idea to the showrunner for a like see story of the script of the that particular episode and he said that's a great idea do you wanna write the episode and without blinking a thing went off in my head that allowed me to say the words yes yes i would having never thought about that was not behind any of the reason i pitch the idea i just wanted my character to have something to do on the show so he said you want to write this and i also didn't realize because i was so new that said comes written by committee and there's a writer's room and they took my idea and my script that i wrote into that writer's room and stripped it down and rebuilt it within an inch of its life and the story line stayed the same and to jokes made the final thing out of you know 74 um but i got the onscreen credit does night in '87 i now realise thirty years ago so i was able to join the riders guilt so there was always this idea of diversifying and getting things so over time constantly spinning all these plates um.

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