Not to produce nuclear weapons


So possibilities were interaction are there and i think we take advantage of these possibilities but certainly i mean it's not like the situation with the previous administration were probably secretary kerry and i spend more time with each other than we spent with anybody else you mentioned the jcpoa just be clear in eight years just to choose one for vision uh all limits on centrifuge quantity and quality expire uh has your government and then ten years limits on stockpile quantity and quality expire has your government made any uh decisions are statements about what iran's intentions would be after these ceilings expire you see iran is committed not to produce nuclear weapons that never expose it on is committed to enable the iaea to have the most stringent control mechanism that is available that is the additional protocols that never expires these are provisions that are built in the nuclear deed that have no sunset there are some temporary confidencebuilding measures that you'd on agreed to adopt those are temporary in nature after those temporary limitations expired iran will resume producing enriched uranium for fuel purposes and the iaea is dead with the additional protocol in order to fire on iran's commitment never to produce nuclear weapons is also there me two weeks ago as you know voted for a resolution to legally bonn nuclear weapons for all unfortunately the united states and other nuclear weapons states did not even participate in the deliberations in the united nations.

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