Rep. Scott Perry: Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas


Curious to know why you want to impeach secretary Alejandro mayorkas. Well, Todd, good day to you as well and good day to America because Republicans are finally in charge of one of the branches of the legislature and there can be some accountability. So look, secretary mayorkas has made the case for impeachment himself. He's not only flouting the law, just ignoring it, but he's actively he's actively objecting to the law and refusing to follow it and imperiling the citizens of the United States of America. We each take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States, not the constitution of Mexico or Guatemala or Columbia or Venezuela. We all want to help Todd. Everybody wants to help these people in need, but the way to help them, the people in need is not by stomping on the face of the people that you serve. And the people that we serve pay the taxes, it's their schools that are in peril. It's their streets. It's their hospitals. It's their paycheck and their wallet that's in peril and our duty is first to them. And so with all due respect, secretary mayorkas has presided over record after record of illegal crossings into the United States of America, not the least of which is Chinese made fentanyl coming in and killing American citizens more double every year than what we lost in 20 years in combat in Vietnam. Now many people don't see an issue, maybe they don't maybe it's not come to their hometown or their family, but by the time it does, unfortunately, it's deadly serious and we have a duty to make sure that we preserve the tranquility, the domestic tranquility that the people in America have a right given them to them by God to enjoy. You know what

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