A highlight from #169: Reflections on Half our Lives Online (and Half Offline)


We're talking about life before and after the Internet and our experiences as early influencers. We're also sharing our book report for big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. All right. This is one of my favorite subjects. I feel like we were born in one of the most interesting times in history because we were the last generation of children who were raised completely off the Internet. We didn't have a home computer until I think I was in high school when we got it ish. I think it was maybe like AOL Internet was like the sort of thing that used your homes phone line, so if you picked up the phone, which there were no cell phones, by the way. If you picked up the phone and someone was using the Internet, I was like, you know, that type of vibe we had very, very limited access to Internet. There also wasn't a lot to do on the Internet. I would go on aim and talk to like two people from my church or whatever to a little boys. And that was about it, you know what I mean? And it's like, how's your day? How's your day? What are you doing? Okay, bye. It was not a very active space for me. And we went from that. I didn't have a phone until I was in, I was an adult. I was out of college. And how old were you when you got your first phone? I think I had one in high school, but it was not have Internet. It was just like you could call. Yeah, I don't even think it had texting. No, I remember specifically texting was like when I was like 23 because I remember when it was new. So there's so many things that change is actually very wild to reflect on. Smartphones are a big one. I got like the very first version of the iPhone and I was so proud of it like I've never been proud of any piece of tech in my life and I swear to God it couldn't do anything. Like apps weren't even a thing yet. It was pretty much an iPod that was also a phone and I was just like this is so cool. I can just like listen to the postal service all day long on my phone on my phone. And take really, really, really low quality pictures. Like we had no idea that in just ten years that we would have like 8 photo apps and that also photos like phone photos would become like for many purposes just as good as camera photos, which is mind-blowing. And for me, like the invention of FaceTime, I'm a big face timer. Yeah, I love it. It just makes me feel like we're living in the future every single time, because when we were children, every movie had some version of FaceTime and that was like the future. And I feel like that's like the one thing that really came through. It was just as it was predicted to be. Also the invention of digital cameras. I've talked about before. My first business was like trying to be a wedding photographer in my early 20s and I shot almost everything on film, which is so terrifying now and hard to imagine, but I actually took a long time for digital cameras to rise up to the level of a film camera and at first it just wasn't there. So yeah, pretty much all tech that you can think of has changed so much and it's just fun like we were raised. I tried to explain to my kids the other day that we watched the same TV shows every morning because that was what was on a certain time and you could only watch one choice and then we had videotapes of certain cartoons and ours were like recorded from TV and we also had this like VHS tape of a carnival cruise ship like an ad of like trying to get you to take a carnival cruise and to this day I have it like almost memorized because we watched it so many times. I actually want to know if they still have it 'cause I would love to watch it one last time. But anyway, obviously the world has changed so much and all millennial people can relate with this to some degree because to some degree there's a big span of ages for millennial people, but at least the Internet was still developing when you were a child. If you had it in your home, it's still probably wasn't like as much of an effect as it is on children now. So anyway, we're just going to reflect on the differences and then also just like how breaking crazy it is that we became Internet personalities. So like I just have to stay up front like I got a lot of message yesterday saying like you shouldn't use the word influencer. Like people have a thing with the word influencer and the reason why I say it is because it's just common terminology right now and like I don't care and I just think no one should care like who cares. So let's just like not let that be a thing like I get it that the word it's like a little bit has a little bit of like a mocking tone if you think about it in a certain way because it is a little bit silly but at the same time it is pretty freaking accurate to what it's you know trying to communicate. I think of myself as a blogger. I do too. People on YouTube think of themselves as vloggers or YouTubers but I feel like saying influencers one way to include everyone so for me it's instead of saying like you know if you blog or you vlog or you're on Instagram or you know I could say that each and every time but I feel like that's kind of tedious and annoying and I feel like the best word at least right now that I can think of is influencer and it includes everyone who might be doing any of these things. So yeah, like I get it why it's not like the perfect term but also like who cares and I stand by that like I don't care. So we're just going to say it and we're just not going to care. And I think that's like keeping up with the changing terminology and all of the many changes is a part of our job. It's like a huge part of our job. You can not do what we do and resist change. It is a very important part. So, okay, I wanted to first before we get into it. Explain so we grew up in the pre Internet world in I call it the magazine era where it was like magazines were freaking everything. If you wanted to get inspired, if you wanted to read about a famous person, if you wanted to know what was cool or like anything, like I would head to Barnes and noble and get a Frappuccino and read magazines. And that was for a long time, even in my early 20s, it was like that. I did not start using the Internet as a daily tool until I was about 25 years old, which is hard to believe. Yeah, everyone was asking. I don't know. What our aim name was like AOL instant messenger. I think his aim, the same thing. And I don't remember mine, do you remember yours? I don't think I ever had that. I honestly was very not against. I just did not get into social media until it was really a thing and way past the time to begin. I don't know why, just like chat rooms and things like that never appealed to me. I think as I am such a loner, so I mostly use the Internet for like buying things like shopping or looking things up on Wikipedia or stuff like that. Schoolwork stuff, you know. I did have a MySpace. I did have that. Yeah.

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