The small but mighty French bulldog is now the top purebred dog breed in America


There's a new top dog among purebreds in America. Randy London with the American kennel club says, for the first time in three decades, the United States has a new favorite dog breed. People really love the French bulldog. Owners describe the flat faced breed as comical friendly and loving. Everybody's always going to love the lab. It is what it is. But when it comes to registrations, the frenchies really pulled ahead. French bulldogs are known to suffer breathing skin and other health problems and their popularity has made them a target for crime, such as the 2021 shooting of Lady Gaga's dog walker. London says prospective owners should explore a breeder's history and health testing. She says frenchies pack a lot into a small package. This is not a big dog, and it is an adaptable dog, and it doesn't require a lot of exercise. The nation's other most popular purebred dogs include golden retrievers, German shepherds, poodles, bulldogs, and rottweilers. I'm Jennifer King

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