Dems Play the Race Card for 'Offensive' School Lunches


New York, the middle school there. Cafeteria, kicking off black history month, and they served the children, chicken and waffles, and a delicious, refreshing watermelon themed dessert. And then all you know what brokers. The principle a guy by the name of David Johnson said he was horrified, and he apologized for the cultural insensitivity displayed by Aramark. That's the food provider. Aramark said the timing of the menu was unfortunate, and the lunch ladies were supposed to serve something else. Now, I just want to say, I don't know what the food is like at nyack middle school, but if it's anything like the food, we were served at hope peace Sullivan elementary school in south haven, Mississippi. It was not good. Except for pizza day when you got that big, big slab of square pizza. That was a good day. The rest of the day is not so much. And I suspect the children would rather feast on chicken and waffles instead of, I don't know, mystery meat and the vegetable medley. Never could handle the vegetable mentally with the peas and the square carrots, very disgusting. So we don't know who complained, but apparently parents and students were horribly offended and triggered by the chicken and waffles. But here's the thing, nobody's ever been able to explain to me. What is racially offensive about chicken and waffles? What is racially insensitive about watermelon? And I would love for someone out there to call into this program and explain to me what is racially offensive about things like cornbread and collard greens and sweet potato pie and fried chicken and watermelon. Why are those dishes now considered to be racially offensive or in some cases racist?

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