'Varsity Blues' mastermind faces sentencing for college scam


The consultant at the heart of a national college admissions scandal is due to be sentenced today. Federal prosecutors are seeking 6 years in prison for Rick singer, who secretly cooperated with authorities in the case known as operation varsity blues, singer pled guilty in 2019 to charges including racketeering conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy. He worked with the FBI to secure the convictions of more than 50 wealthy parents who paid him to get their undeserving kids into top tier colleges. He recorded hundreds of phone conversations and meetings as he schemed with TV actors like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, businessmen, and athletic coaches to rig applications with bogus test scores and athletic credentials. His lawyer is asking for three years of probation. In a letter to the judge, singer wrote that by ignoring what was morally ethically and legally right in favor of winning what I perceived to be the college admissions game, I have lost everything. He will get a chance to speak before the judge hands down his sentence in Boston federal court. I'm Jennifer King

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