TVS Motor Companys Chairman Sir Ralf Speth conferred with University of Warwicks Honorary Doctorate

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12 p.m. Saturday January 21st, 2023. TVS motor company's chairman sir Ralph's Beth conferred with university of Warwick's honorary doctorate. Singapore, January 21st, 2023 ACN newswire sir Ralph speth, chairman of TVS motor company, has been conferred with an honorary doctorate in the field of science doctor of science, honoris kalsa from the university of Warwick, United Kingdom. The honorary degree was conferred by the university of Warwick Chancellor baroness Catherine Ashton of up Holland. TVS motor company post chairman sir Ralph speth conferred with university of Warwick apos honorary doctorate. Sir Ralph is accompanied by the university of Warwick Chancellor baroness Catherine Ashton of up Holland, who conferred the degree, sir Ralph is a fellow of the Royal Academy of engineering, and a fellow of the Royal Society. An honorary professor at Warwick manufacturing group WMG. He has been closely associated with WMG ever since obtaining his engineering doctorate in 2008, under the pioneering leadership of former WMG chairman, lord Botticelli. An outstanding engineer with a vast experience in the global automotive industry. Sir Ralph has held leadership roles with some of the renowned automotive and industrial giants such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Ford, taught a motors, and the Linda group. He was appointed honorary knight commander of the British Empire in an additional night commander of the most excellent Order of the British Empire, commenting on the honor, Venice srinivasan, chairman emeritus, TVS motor company, said quote my heartiest congratulations to Ralph for this well deserved recognition. Over his distinguished career in automotive and industrials of more than four decades, he has built world class products and brands. He has been relentlessly working towards transforming the industry with his passion for technology and strive for excellence. This honor is a testament to his leadership, vision, and dedication to the industry, and we are privileged to have him lead TVS motor company in its transformational journey dot clothes, and venue, MD, TVS motor company, said quote sir Ralph's exemplary leadership skills, tremendous vision for the industry and descending approach towards technology make him unique. His energy and passion is inspiring. We are proud to have him amongst us we wish him many more accolades recognizing his immense contributions to the industry dot quote sir Ralph has a degree in engineering from the university of applied sciences rosenheim, Germany, and a doctorate of engineering and mechanical engineering and business administration at the university of Warwick. About TVS motor company TVS motor company is a reputed two and three Wheeler manufacturer globally, championing progress through sustainable mobility with four stadia off tart manufacturing facilities. In hoser, messieurs and in India and karawang in Indonesia. Rooted in our 100 year legacy of trust, value, and passion for customers in exactness. We take pride in making internationally aspirational products of the highest quality through innovative and sustainable processes. We are the only two Wheeler company to have received the prestigious stemming prize. Our products lead in their respective categories in the JD power IQS and appeal surveys. We have been ranked number one company in the JD power customer service satisfaction survey for consecutive four years. Our group company Norden motorcycles, based in the United Kingdom, is one of the most emotive motorcycle brands in the world. Our subsidiaries in the personal E mobility space, Swiss E mobility group a CMG and EGO movement have a leading position in the a bike market in Switzerland. TVS motor company endeavors to deliver the most superior customer experience across 80 countries in which we operate. For more information, please visit WWW dot TV's motor dot com. For more information, please contact Priyanka Kumar Priyanka dot Kumar TV's motor dot com copyright 2023 ACN newswire. All rights reserved. WWW dot ACN newswire dot com.

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