When the Dead Show up at Your Doorstep...


Off this sort of off the wall Friday. I had to start off with this story, and it was returned, their headline was returned, earned to sender. And what has happened here is a special liberty of something, but a Brooklyn based indie rocker got a package of it had to be an indie rocker, okay? Of course. I love how they threw this in here. Is a package of cremated human remains belonging to a stranger in the mail and was stun when the funeral home that sent them initially told them it wasn't their problem. This guy named Hamilton let Hauser 44 frontman for the popular indie punk band, the waltman, was gosp activity when he opened the cardboard container and found the ashes inside in another playing cardboard box. It would just kind of shocking. The remains were Martin. Now get this, giants. The remainings were October 7th, 2017. So those have been floating around. Well, it's interesting. 7 years. It had been shipped to the current resident of the studio apartment. Out in east Williamsburg or wherever this app. Anyway, he tried to call the funeral home and straighten things out. The owner was extremely unhelpful. He said something like, it's your problem now. And actually hung up on me. The story hung up. Asshole, I love how they did this. Let it slip that after no one came to claim the remains. He tried to ship them to a man named Robbie, or possibly Ronnie, who may have lived a teacher in 2017.

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