Meta Allows Donald Trump Back Onto Facebook and Instagram


Announced yesterday that it would reinstate president Donald Trump to both Facebook and Instagram. They control both, of course. You remember that Elon Musk lifted the Twitter ban on president Trump back in November. Facebook says that mister Trump should he come back to the platform will be able to talk about anything he wants with regard to the 2020 election, but they'll be monitoring closely, guide rails. Guardrails in place, they said, if he starts claiming any fraud for 2024. Now, obviously, the president has moved on past what have become old school platforms. Yes, he was reinstated on Twitter so you can see everything from the at real Donald Trump account, but he has not posted. If they do restore him on Facebook and Instagram and notice they said they would figure this out within the next couple of weeks. So in order to get everybody off their backs, they said, all right, we'll let them back on. But they don't have any plans really to do it anytime soon. And as I said, the ever popular guardrails will be in place to make sure that he doesn't run afoul of their silly rules again. But in any event, they're saying he can talk about whatever he wants in the past, but nothing going forward, and there's no sign that he is going to rejoin the platforms. In fact, he issued a statement, pointing out exactly how much Facebook had lost financially since they put the silly ban in place.

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