Lilly plans to slash some insulin prices, expand cost cap


Eli Lilly says it plans to cut prices for some insolence, starting in January, the federal government started capping the cost of insulin through Medicare at $35 a month. President Biden mentioned it during the State of the Union address. Let's finish the job this time. Let's cap the cost of insulin for everybody at $35. Lily says it will cut the list price for its most commonly prescribed insulin humalog and for another insulin humulin by 70% in the fourth quarter starting in October. This could mean relief for people with diabetes who face annual cost of more than a $1000 for insulin they need in order to live. Lily says it will immediately cap monthly out of pocket costs at $35 for people who are not covered by Medicare. President Biden says Eli Lilly is heeding his call and others should follow. Ed Donahue, Washington

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