Brazil's Lula to reclaim presidency after beating Bolsonaro


Brazilians have delivered a slim margin of victory to leftist former president Louis and asio Lula da Silva in a divisive presidential election Proud celebrated in the streets São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Sunday Night after voters reelected Louis initio Lula da Silva as president for a third time It's a stunning comeback for a candidate who is at one time in prison for corruption Lula support a Carina palacio told the AP the wind was not so much about supporting Lula's leftist party as a rejection of far right incumbent yair Bolsonaro This is a relief at least we won't have a genocidal militia man ruling the country Bolsonaro's campaign made repeated claims of election manipulation before the vote in a victory speech to Silva said his win was a victory for the Brazilian people This isn't a victory of mine or the Workers Party nor the parties that supported me in campaign It's the victory of a democratic movement I'm Jennifer King

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