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Show. I'm excited. Free agency is always heated debate time, a time where everyone gets to put on the GM hat and really step into the role as a keyboard GM as they say, we did our grades before. A few things have happened since then. So, just so everybody knows, we did our mid free agency grades on February 9th. Now, a lot has happened since February 9th, so it only be right. If we discuss some of the moves and not even necessarily discuss some of the moves, but more so, did any of the moves move the needle to make a team's grade any different. So obviously there was the diamond to shields trade. Trade. I'm Rita mabry trade. Multiple trades going about. And then there was also, let's see, what are some other Brie Jones finally signs? Where I Jefferson, Shay petty, hansu, PG sine, Bantam signed, and atrocity, who else, rashon gray. Alicia Clark extension we should Clark extension or Alicia gray extension. That's a great extension, yeah. Neck of Google K finally assigned Sinéad signed MacDonald, got the team option, trying to think if there's anything, yeah, I think that was pretty much the biggest, I guess, Johannes officially signing with New York was a big one and then Cheyenne Parker also getting a contract extension where some big ones. I mean, those were kind of the biggest news in news. The biggest headlines since our last podcast about free agency and I'm curious for you, you know, but we can go, is there a team that stands out that you want to talk on first or do you just want to go down the list and we'll talk about if anything shifted? You were a little bit removed from it. So I think my first reaction is let's just go down the list and talk about it one by one and kind of just dive into it that way. Yeah, Atlanta before we gave a B minus. And honestly, migrating was very much hanging on the idea that Alicia Greg, you don't make that trade to get Alicia gray and give up that much asset unless you know you're getting a contract extension. I know there is reports going back and forth. It's officially official that she did extend. So for me, it just solidifies the B minus or the B that I already gave them. Anything changed for you? No, I mean, I had to be from the beginning. I definitely felt like that extension was going to happen. I don't feel like that trade would have happened if that wasn't the case. You know, had some solid pieces that were added, but nothing really that moves the needle too crazy. I personally am a fan of the D rob trade. Because of what it means just for the short term and from a veteran presence. So and again, we're talking about everything from right before free agency trade wise to up until this point. So I mean, it was a solid free agency. They made the solid steps, but obviously nothing groundbreaking. Yeah, took a couple steps, but nothing, you know, have skipped a jump. D.C., I gave a B minus and honestly, like I was very torn on that where to grade them in my mind. Just to be blunt, the only real signing that impacts their grade is Britney Sykes. There wasn't really much else that they did. And I'll say the same thing I said last time. They made their team that they made up for any losses they were going to get by losing Alicia Clark on defense. They did not solve any of the offensive issues. It's a B minus for me and I could have honestly gone with the seat. I feel like I just give bees out when I'm just kind of like meh. You know, like, I don't hate it, but I'm not excited. It's just kind of like meh. We've said this, it feels like for 5 years now. Literally nonstop. It really comes down to health. I personally was surprised that there wasn't more of a concerted effort to try and retain Alicia Clark. I don't feel like she ever really found her footing there because of the injury and so it may be maybe there's an effort just to try and get a little more youthful. But I don't know, you know? I can't hate on it too much, but I also can't love it. Exactly. Chicago, I know I gave them like a C plus because I viewed it as the world is falling around them and they were able to kind of create some sort of shelter so they weren't hit by debris. Marina, does that change it for me? Not a whole lot, honestly, because I think it's a good move. I know some people are saying they got fleeced for the amount of draft picks they gave up on that. But I look at it and I look at it from a very specifically this year. Did the team get that much better? I mean, yeah, but no, if that makes sense. So I guess I'm sticking with my C plus. I don't think it bumps it up. If anything, the loss of draft picks might drop it down to just a plain old C it's interesting to see the way people view this Chicago skies for agency, like the metric which they weigh it from. Is it from a coach's perspective? Is it from a GM perspective? I think therein lies the issue is you've got one man wearing both hats, who's probably in an internal battle with himself to begin with.

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