How an Obscure Group Fed Lies to the Media About the US Elections


The newest addition of the Twitter files reported by Matt taibbi is not about censorship per se. It is about the use of the media. As a vehicle for a systematic procession of lies. In this case, the lie is that the Russians are actively interfering in U.S. elections and there are hundreds of accounts, maybe thousands of accounts that are nothing more than Russian bots and Russian propaganda that is being, you may say, engineered out of Moscow. It's Putin's hand that is behind all this. Now, there was an organization that claimed to have a tracking mechanism and a dashboard. In which they would list these accounts, reveal them to be the product of Russian disinformation and they were trying to do two things. One is to get the media to cover this story. Of Russia involvement in U.S. elections. Russian disinformation on social media platforms like Twitter, the group that was doing this, it maintained the dashboard, was called Hamilton 68. And when you look at Hamilton 68 and its board of directors, its people like Bill crystal, the never trumper. Michael chertoff, former head, I believe, of Homeland Security. Michael mcfaul, who is a professor, I believe now at Stanford University, John Podesta, formerly the head of the Hillary for America. So this is the never Trump neocons and the left. And also people who are like deputy heads of the CIA NSA. So this is deep state meets never Trump meets the left. And these are becoming increasingly, by the way, the same people. And so Hamilton 68 said that they were, they maintained this dashboard. And they would identify these sites, but as Twitter began to look into it, and this is Twitter, by the way, before Elon Musk. This is Twitter in the old regime. They realized that Hamilton 68 was putting out complete lies.

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